Paris, France – Following Brexit, Germany fully surrenders to France’s colonialist ambitions, and imperialist France wants to embrace hegemonic imperial policies not only in the EU, but also in the Eastern Mediterranean. According to experts, the main goal of France, which conducts a smear campaign against Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and Libyan crises, is to become the leader of Europe. France wants to wear out NATO for that malignant campaign.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who has faced many crises in his country, has recently been trying to come to the fore with his anti-Turkey statements. This attitude of France, which has been engaged in a smear campaign against Turkey’s justified theses on issues such as Syria, the Eastern Mediterranean and Libya, is often criticized by experts. “Macron is using his country to revive the image of a ‘young leader’ after 18 months of protests and the epidemic that followed,” the British newspaper The Times commented on Macron’s policies in the Eastern Mediterranean. “There is France at the beginning of the chaos in Libya,” said Jean-Marc Four, director of Radio France. According to experts, France’s main goal is to become the leader of Europe.

‘Brain death’ rhetoric
Macron also reiterated the “NATO brain dead” rhetoric that Turkey first put forward during the period of the peace operation launched in Syria in the agreement that Turkey signed with the legitimate Libyan government. Macron, who supported Hafter, the leader of the illegitimate forces in Libya, began loading himself back into NATO, making unfounded claims that the Turkish navy harassed a French ship carrying out a NATO mission. France has called for NATO intervention in Turkey. Experts note that Macron’s tough stance against NATO, on the one hand, while forcing NATO to take decisions against Turkey, on the other hand, is evidence of France’s inconsistency.

“France is trying to wear out”
Defense experts assess France’s latest aggressive policies in Eastern Mediterranean. France wanted to see itself as Europe’s unique military force. France still considers itself an empire across the globe. So France doesn’t value NATO. France is trying to wear down NATO because it does not allow a ‘Europe is asked of me’ policy. France wanted to be a leader in the EU, especially in recent years after Brexit.