Ankara, Turkey- Experts said: “We are saddened by Sarraj’s decision to resign,” signaling that he was disturbed by the developments in Libya. “Our policy was overly focused on Sarraj,” the Turkey-Libya deal could be at risk. It is difficult for Turkey to succeed with weak countries such as Qatar.

Experts evaluated the resignation decision of the Sarraj government, supported by Turkey in Libya and considered legitimate by the United Nations. ” Our policy was overly focused on Sarraj, ” the exclusive economic zone agreement signed between Libya and Turkey could be compromised. “What will Sarraj’s replacement do, it is necessary to look at this. It is not an easy task for Turkey to succeed with Qatar alone, with countries that cannot do anything like Algeria or Tunisia,”.

Fayez al Sarraj, the Prime Minister of Libya’s national reconciliation government, which is backed by Turkey, announced he would step down at the end of October. there were 3 important developments in Libya “First, a ceasefire was declared and in this context, things turned into negotiations between the delegations. This did not mean keeping the alleged targets. Sarraj wants to establish himself here as the government of an integrated Libya. But to get there, move the cursor, could not. Second, a truce was made, but it is unclear whose hand is in whose pocket. They decided to declare Sirte and Cufra as neutral territory. No one knows how far this goes. The third issue is that, in the current circumstances, there is not much agreement between the parliament in the East and Hafter on the other hand.”

“This government also had an imbalance of power in itself. For example, the Interior Minister had strong tribal support behind him. He left the dispute at some point, but we stepped in and made sure he was brought into office,” he had two preferences in front of Sarraj, “he would say, ‘I will do this job, everyone will come to level’. Or he would try to force a solution across Libya by resigning at some point. I’m guessing he had to choose the latter. I do not anticipate that there will be any consequences in Libya,”.

Referring to the protocol in which Turkey has established an exclusive economic zone with Libya, “What will Sarraj’s replacement do, it is necessary to look at it. It is not easy for Turkey to succeed with Qatar alone, with countries like Algeria or Tunisia that can do nothing. Turkey can do nothing but support a legitimate government. And if there is no legitimate government, the protocol we have made will not make sense. If Sarraj goes, if it is not clear who will come in his place, or even if a government that sees the solution at another point comes, Turkey will be seriously difficult.”

The relations with Libya are very important due to the exclusive economic zone protocol signed “the agreement we have with Libya could be at risk and this would not be good for Turkey. It is impossible to predict how the next period will be shaped. Our policy was overly focused on Sarraj. Cooperation was correct, but it was necessary to take an approach that did not keep the other side out of attention. But we couldn’t look at it that way, and we entered into unilateral engagement. This one-sided view may not have a good outcome for our country.”

Fayez al Sarraj, President of the Council of the government for National Reconciliation in Libya, announced that he would leave his post by the end of next month, echoed Turkey. “We are saddened by Sarraj’s decision to resign, “ ” With the steps we have taken, Hafter will lose eventually, “. There may be some talks next week, with the talks we will get this job in the direction it should be,”.