Baku, Azerbaijan – The Armenian army, which fled by abandoning its positions on the front line, again targeted Azerbaijani civilian settlements. Armenia fired 5 ballistic missiles at short intervals into the city center of ganja, which was not on the front line.

According to information from reliable sources of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have launched an operation to liberate the occupied territories so far, with the province of Gabriel, Karahanbeyli, lower Seyitahmetli, Mehdili, lower Maralyan, Kuycak, KendHoradiz, Cakirli. A total of 22 settlements, including the villages of Büyük Mercanlı, Şeybey, Taliş, Karkulu, Şükürbeyli, Yukar Maralyan, Cereken, Dashkesen, Horovlu, Dejan, Mahmutlu, Caferabat, Sugavuşan and Papi, were liberated from occupation.

One witnessed Armenia’s vile attack one-on-one. 1 person was killed and 32 people were injured in the terrible attack, in which houses were destroyed and screams were raised from everywhere.

3 missiles fired by Armenia did not explode, their heads were later destroyed.

One of the missiles hit a house in mevlit, Armenia, for those killed in the attacks. Nadir Ibrahimov, whose 5 children, wife and family were injured in the House, said: “we were giving mevlit for our martyrs. At dinner, the missile hit, and suddenly everyone was thrown somewhere. He’s in the wreckage.”

I was also injured, I opened my eyes under the goose. I immediately tried to save my children, who were covered in blood. I took them in my arms and took them out. What do they want from civilians, innocent people, children,” he said.

In the evening, the Azerbaijani presidency announced that Armenian forces had launched missile strikes on Mingechevir and Terter near Ganja. Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said civilians were wounded in the attack.

Reinforcements also came to the Azerbaijani army, which continued its advance on all fronts. Soldiers from different parts of Azerbaijan went to the front line accompanied by applause, slogans and demonstrations of love. The inscription ‘men’ on the back of the vehicle carrying the soldiers was remarkable.

“Karabakh, 30 years of longing, we dream of saving our occupied territory for 30 years. We are going to our own homeland, our own land. It’s our holiday!”

There was an unexploded missile stuck in the ground in the garden of a house just behind the street.

At the head of the wreckage was “anger at Armenia.” “Armenia is shooting us in our own land, in our house,” cried Binevshe Haydar, 85, who barely saved his grandchildren.

After the advance of the Azerbaijani army, the Armenian soldiers, who fled by leaving their positions, left everything behind. Hurriyet displayed weapons, ammunition and military vehicles left by Armenian soldiers as they fled. Among the ammunition left by Armenian soldiers are machine guns, anti-tank missiles, grenades, rocket launchers and bullets of different calibers.

Among those seized are some documents belonging to the Armenian army, maps and charts showing important points. Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry also announced that 4 tanks of the Armenian army were destroyed and 3 tanks were captured during the clashes in the direction of Sukavushan.

Speaking on the website of the German daily Bild, Pashinyan called for the international community to react to Turkey, claiming that Ankara is pursuing imperialist policies. “The problem is that Armenians in the South Caucasus are the last obstacle to the spread of Turkey to the North and east of the Southeast.

Because Turkey’s imperialist policy is aimed much farther than in the South Caucasus. Let’s look at Turkey’s mobility in the Mediterranean, Libya, the Middle East, Iraq and Syria. If the international community does not respond appropriately to this fact, Turkey should be expected to be near Vienna,” he said.

In his statements, Nikol Pashinyan acknowledged that Nagorno-Karabakh belonged to Azerbaijan during the Soviet Union, while also claiming that it was the result of Stalin’s arbitrary decision.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev reacted harshly to Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan when he announced the conditions for the halt of the operations launched by the Azerbaijani army to liberate its territory. “In Shusha, the head of the so-called administration held an ‘oath ceremony’. He will now hold a mourning ceremony. He’s hiding like a mouse. Let him come out, ” he said

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev said that the operations launched by the Azerbaijani army to save its territory should stop, “let the Armenian army come out of our territory. (Pashinyan) let him explain that he recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Let him apologize to the Azerbaijani people and say that Karabakh is not the territory of Armenia. Let him give us a calendar of the withdrawal of the Armenian army from the occupied territories.”he put forward his terms.

Aliyev gave a speech to the nation and congratulated the people on the liberation of Gabriel province from occupation. Aliyev emphasized that Azerbaijan is fighting to ensure its territorial integrity and stated that they will restore all the liberated cities and repair all the mosques destroyed by the Armenians.

Aliyev reported that today the city of Gabriel and the villages of Karhulu, Şükürbeyli, Yukar Maralyan, Çereken, Dashkesen, Horovlu, Decal, Mahmutlu and Jafarabat were liberated by Azerbaijani soldiers.

Aliyev stated that they had been waiting for years with hope for the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict through negotiation, and reminded that Armenia had gone further and made statements that they would not give back the territory.

Aliyev, as Azerbaijan, first 5, then 2 provinces to be returned, then The Return of Azerbaijanis to their homeland, stating that they accepted the gradual solution plan, in return they saw that the Will of the Azerbaijani people was wanted to be broken.

A year ago, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said, “Nagorno-Karabakh is Armenia.”Aliyev stressed that the co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group has repeatedly told countries, co-chairs, European Union representatives that they should put pressure on Armenia and impose sanctions.