Istanbul, Turkey – President Erdogan and Ukrainian President Zelensky made statements after the inter-delegation meeting. “We are taking important steps between Turkey and Ukraine. We set a goal of increasing our trade volume to $ 10 billion. Despite the global epidemic in the field of tourism, the fact that we have hosted more than 500 thousand Ukrainian guests this year clearly shows the proximity between our peoples and the confidence of our Ukrainian guests in the measures we have taken as part of our safe tourism initiative,” he said. In his speech, Zelensky noted the friendship between the two countries, saying: “no virus can interfere with the friendship between us. Ukraine and Turkey are ready to develop their strategic partnership and in all areas where there are mutual interests. Turkey’s support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is very important to us, ” he said

President Erdogan and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky held a joint press conference after an inter-delegation meeting at the Vahdettin Mansion.

Erdogan expressed his pleasure to welcome Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, Turkey’s neighbor, strategic partner and friend from the Black Sea, to Turkey.

Zelensky due to present state awards of Ukraine, thanks to Erdogan today bilateral and Inter-committee then conducted their meeting between Turkey and Ukraine has narrowly with the important steps with the signature.

President Erdogan announced the 8th anniversary of his High-Level Strategic Council in February, just before the outbreak began. recalling that he visited Kiev on the occasion of the meeting, he noted:

“Our reunion with Mr. Zelensky without much catching up is a manifestation of our strong will to strengthen our relations. The texts that have just been signed will also enable this will to be embodied in concrete projects in many titles. Today, my dear friend and I first discussed the issues on the agenda of our bilateral relations in bilateral and bilateral meetings between delegations. Our cooperation is deepened on the basis of mutual benefit in a wide range from defense industry to education cooperation, tourism to health sector. In our negotiations, we also confirmed our mutual will to move our economic and commercial cooperation to new levels by increasing investment. During our visit to Kiev, we set a goal of increasing our trade volume to $ 10 billion. In this direction, we agree with Mr. Zelensky to quickly conclude negotiations on a free trade agreement. Despite the global epidemic in the field of tourism, the fact that we have hosted more than 500 thousand Ukrainian guests this year clearly shows the proximity between our peoples and the confidence of our Ukrainian guests in the measures we have taken as part of our safe tourism initiative.”

“As I stated in our talks, Turkey is on the side of the Ukrainian people in fighting the epidemic. We are prepared to provide further support if necessary.”he continued his speech by saying:

“In our negotiations, we also discussed additional steps that can be taken to strengthen our cooperation in the field of security and the mutual extradition of criminals. In particular, we agree to strengthen our co-leadership in our joint fight with FETO and other terrorist organizations. Turkey sees Ukraine as a key country for ensuring stability, security, peace and prosperity in our region. In this context, we have always supported and will support the sovereignty of Ukraine, its territorial integrity and political unity, including Crimea. Turkey has not and will not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea. Our support together with the Ukrainian authorities will continue to our Crimean Tatar brothers, who are an important element of the historical and humanitarian ties between Turkey and Ukraine.”

Erdogan, housing construction project for his descendants and mosque construction project in Kiev within the scope of the work continues, he said, today they are evaluating the latest situation related to these studies.

Erdogan, who said that Ukrainian President Zelensky also told them about the current situation in eastern Ukraine, concluded his words:

“Here we wish for the continuation of the ceasefire that has been maintained since July 27. In the name of peace and stability of our region, we are ready to show our support. In this process, our support for the OSCE Special Observation Mission, whose presidency has been carried out by our ambassadors for two terms, will continue in the same way.”

President Erdogan thanked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky for his visit, wishing that the meeting would be an occasion for charity.

Zelensky spoke at a joint press conference after an inter-delegation meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Vahdettin mansion in Üsküdar.

Thanking President Erdogan for his invitation, Zelensky said that the dialogue between Turkey and Ukraine has developed dynamically and that no virus can interfere with the partnership and friendship between the two countries.

“Ukraine and Turkey are ready to deepen their strategic partnership and develop cooperation in all areas where there are mutual interests,” Zelensky said, noting that the “fruitful negotiations” they have held today have proven this. the phrase ” used.

He noted that he and President Erdogan have discussed in detail the current issues that will lead to the preparation of the 9th meeting of the High-Level Strategic Council. Zelensky said that they have agreed to hold this meeting at the beginning of next year.

“Turkey’s support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is extremely important for us. President Erdogan has confirmed that he will continue to make active personal efforts for the release of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar political prisoners illegally detained by Russia., “he said.

The illegal annexation of the Crimea to ensure the protection of human rights in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly session, noting that they will work in close cooperation within the framework of the 75th Zelenskiy, ” Turkey and international partners protect the rights of Crimeans to recover from the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula are invited to join the project merge tool platform. I am grateful that you are ready to support this project and actively participate there.”he made his assessment.

Zelenskiy also addressed the difficult situation in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, noting that they believe that the political and diplomatic path to solving the crisis and achieving lasting peace is “the only and correct path”.

Zelensky noted that despite the outbreak of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), trade between the two countries can maintain a positive dynamic, and in order to continue this trend, they agreed to conclude a Free Trade Agreement, accelerate and solve all problems that slow down the process.

“The participation of Turkish companies in large-scale infrastructure projects in Ukraine is equally important,” Zelensky said, noting the presence of Turkish companies in Ukraine. Turkish companies such as Onur Özaltin are working successfully. We want to increase the number of Turkish companies involved, taking into account the size of the large construction program.” said.

Noting that they also discussed cooperation between the two countries on energy, Zelensky noted that the two countries have a very similar vision for the energy problems of the region.

Today signed “the protocol of the 12th session of the Intergovernmental Commission on commercial and economic cooperation trade, investment, energy, infrastructure and transmits the previously reached agreements in the field of customs policy, determines the duties and Zelensky, “security in the Black Sea and Also Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic including the implementation of routes, we have a common vision of cooperation in the field of security and defense., “he said.

“This creates new opportunities for our military and military technical cooperation,” Zelensky said, recalling that a military Framework Agreement and a statement of intent were signed between the Ukrainian and Turkish governments and the defense ministries. Cooperation in the field of defense industry is very important for the development of our strategic partnership. I’m glad we made him stronger today.”he made his assessment.

Zelenskiy said that he was pleased that his meeting with President Erdogan took place in Istanbul, adding that Istanbul is a special historical and spiritual place not only for the Turkish and Ukrainian peoples, but also for the whole world.

“We feel the special energy of this city, as well as the very friendly and warm environment of the meeting with President Erdogan. I am sure that all this encourages the continuous development of relations between Ukraine and Turkey and feeds it with forward-looking energy. “the phrase used.