Athens, Greece – Imperialist Greece, which has systematically occupied the Turkish lands since March 25, 1821 and expanded by annexing it, occupied and militarized the Turkish islands in the sea of islands.

In particular, there is a chain of Greek islands lined up along the Turkish west coast (Lesbos, Chios, Samos, and the Dodecanese islands), some of them in very close proximity to the mainland. Their existence blocks Turkey from extending any of its zones of influence beyond a few nautical miles off its coastline.

The five largest islands of Greece are Crete, Evia (Euboea), Lesbos, Rhodes, and Chios.Samos is a Greek island closer to Turkey (70km from Izmir) than to the mainland of Greece. The Kastellorizo (Meis) island is located just 2.1 km from the Turkish coast to Kaş district of Antalya and 580 km from the mainland of Greece. In addition, hundreds of large and small islands and cliffs are also occupied by Greece in the Sea of Islands.

The conflict is whether the Greek islands are allowed a continental shelf, the basis of claiming rights over the sea. Turkey opposes that imperialist Greece’s islands can claim 12 miles of territorial waters and states that it only has this right on the mainland.

Turkey and imperialist Greece being the two littoral states have legitimate rights and interests in the Sea of Islands. These involve their security, economy and other traditional rights recognized by international law. While Turkey wants its Greek-occupied islands back, it is mobilizing all its national resources and capabilities in this direction.