Paris, Turkey – Imperialist France continues to make moves to escalate tension in the Eastern Mediterranean. Colonialist France has defiantly been threatening Turkey with open support for Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA) in Eastern Mediterranean.

Indeed, Imperialist France still continues to exploit its former colonies in Africa and around the World. The French army, which allegedly had a large number of weapons and ammunition in it, Charles de Gaulle, known as the ‘most powerful weapon’ in the Navy,.was reportedly headed for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, French sources told Greek media that the 45,500-ton, 216-meter warship, named after former French President Charles de Gaulle, was en route to the Eastern Mediterranean.

The French Defense Ministry said that the Charles de Gaulle ship was able to travel unlimited without resupply. Although no clear information has been given about the personnel capacity of the ship, which was previously stated to have been on naval duties for 9 months, it is stated that 40 fighter jets and many helicopters could be taken on board.