Istanbul, Turkey – In order to defend Turkey’s interests and rights to airhomeland (havavatan), landhomelan(karavatan), and bluehomeland (mavivatan) against maximalist-imperialist Greece, the Lausanne memorandums should be examined very carefully.

The basis of all the speeches of the imperialist Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis is based on hostility towards Turkey and complaints against Turkey. Some circles in Turkey also pave the way to increase the territorial waters of Greece, these dangerous steps are unfortunately taken deliberately.

There is the issue of islands, islets and cliffs whose sovereignty has not been transferred to Greece by agreements. Greece expresses all kinds of demands, but Turkey does not have any demand. Greeks settled in most of the 152 islands whose sovereignty cannot be transferred to Greece today. There are also currently uninhabited islands. After the 1996 Kardak Islands incident, Turkey carried out very serious studies with 65 scientists, soldiers, diplomats and bureaucrats, and the studies were finished at the end of 1997. It was determined that 152 islands, islets and rocky groups were not transferred to the two countries by agreements. President of the time Süleyman Demirel declared that these islands were not handed over to Greece.

Now, the names of these 152 islands, islets and rocky groups should be announced as soon as possible. Let’s explain the names of islands, islets and rocky groups with the mechanism of law and diplomacy and say to Greece, ‘It is clear that these islands were not transferred to you for such and such reasons. You build villages, cities, towns for them. You deployed troops to them. These do not belong to you. Let’s sit down and talk about it. If we solve it, we should say, ‘Let’s talk about your demands. Turkey does not declare this. Unfortunately, Turkey is under the pressure of Greek diplomacy.

If Greece militarizes and arms the islands, it means that a condition called sovereignty is being eliminated. Turkey should talk about this issue and put it on the table. The condition of saying sovereignty has been removed.

However, what the politicians are trying to solve and negotiate is not the problem, but the concession Turkey makes to Greece. From whom will it go? It will go from Turkey. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the prime minister of imperialist Greece, said, “Greece want to keep the negotiation channels open with Turkey.” What will Turkey negotiate? Is Greece negotiating Turkey’s request? Greece armed the islands. Soldier deployed on the islands. There should be no negotiations without putting an end to them. Greece says, ‘No, it’s my sovereign right’. You’re not going to negotiate 6 miles of airspace anyway. You will withdraw the territorial waters to 6 miles.

Maximalist-imperialist Greece had sent the map they had prepared to all embassies and foreign missions of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain “Turkey’s expansionist policy”. Likewise, Turkey should initiate the move to claim the Blue Homeland map by using all political and diplomatic mechanisms.

If the status specified in Lausanne were returned at the moment, Turkey would have no problems. Lausanne is such an important agreement that leaves Turkey in peace. Greece is arming the islands. Is Greece arming, deploying troops against Italy? The 23 islands that were ceded to Greece by agreements were handed over, provided that they were nominally in non-military status. It was clearly stated in these agreements that it should have a non-military status in order not to pose a threat to Turkey. It is the same with the records (minutes). Unfortunately, now both diplomats and academics of Turkey only look at the terms of the agreement. This is wrong. It is necessary to look at the minutes and examine them. Therefore, in order to defend Turkey’s rights, it is necessary to examine the Lausanne minutes very carefully.

In short, in line with the minutes of the Treaty of Lausanne, Greece should draw the borders of land and air sovereignty to 6 miles and disarm the islands. However, once these conditions are met, the negotiation path should be kept open.