Ankara, Turkey – After the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Greece also aspired to F-400 fighter jets, which the United States did not give to Turkey under the pretext of the S-35 air defense systems that Turkey received from Russia. After Athens requested 24 F-35 fighter jets from the United States to gain an advantage over Turkey in the Aegean, Turkey may raise new steps against this move. As a second step, Turkey, which is already focusing on its own National Combat Aircraft (MMU) project after Turkey’s attempt to suspend its partnership in the F-35 project, could activate the S-400 air defense systems to cover the Aegean Sea if Greece receives the F-35. Turkey, which has been carrying out alternative studies against F-35s that were not delivered to Turkey even though the money was paid, has been focusing on the work of the National jet project TF-X for some time. Recent developments have also increased the importance of the 5th generation fighter jet TF-X, while Turkish companies producing parts for the F-35 have carried out intensive work by transferring the experience gained from the F-35 project to the National jet.

The National Warplane under development will be released from the hangar in 2023. After 2030, it will be actively used. The domestic fighter aircraft, which is planned to have a wingspan of 14 meters and a length of 21 meters, will be able to reach a speed of 2,200 kilometers. Turkey has also taken under the lens of the 5th generation of warplanes in the world. In this context, while various aircraft are on the agenda, Turkey is in contact with Russia and China on the issue of fifth-generation fighter jets. It is also aimed to extend the life of the F16 and F4 aircraft in the inventory with modernization works.

Greece, which has accelerated its military investments in recent years, decided to buy a total of 18 Rafale fighter jets from France, 12 of which were used and 6 of which were New, amid ongoing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. Greece, which announced one of the largest armament programs in the country’s history in September, has now announced an application to the United States for 24 F-35 fighter jets.

The TF-X, the 5th generation National fighter aircraft developed by TUSAŞ/TAI, is expected to take its place among the best fighter aircraft in Europe. With the TF-X Project, Turkey will be among the countries in the world with the infrastructure and technology to produce a 5th generation combat aircraft after the United States, Russia and China. Designed as a single-seat cockpit, the TF-X will feature dual engines, low visibility against radar, in-fuselage weapons handling, advanced flight and firing systems, dual-function radar and electronic warfare capability.