Budapest, Hungary – Hungary has announced it will buy an additional 40 armoured vehicles from Turkey. Hungarian Defense Ministry Undersecretary Gaspar Maroth announced that they had signed an agreement with Turkey in this context.

Hungarian Defence Ministry Undersecretary Gaspar Maroth said his country had placed an order to buy 40 more 4×4 armoured vehicles from Turkey. Maroth told the Hungarian news agency (MTI) that the army was aiming to buy more than 300 armored vehicles through the program, which was designed to boost its defensive strength.

Maroth said that they have signed an agreement to provide 40 more 4×4 armored vehicles from Turkey within the scope of this program.

“With the use of these vehicles, a higher level of protection will be provided for the personnel on duty in lower units.” said.

Hungary became the 6th country in the world and the first in the European Union to choose Ejder Yalcin to meet the needs of its security forces.

Hungary joined the Turkish Council as an observer country.