Ankara, Turkey – Health Minister Koca informed AKP President Erdogan that the domestic vaccine against Covid-19 has been tested on humans.

Erdogan received information from Health Minister Koca, who examined the laboratory where domestic vaccine studies against Covid-19 were conducted.

Minister Koca informed Erdogan that the domestic vaccine against Covid-19 has been tested on humans. “Congratulations, I want to express my gratitude on behalf of all my friends, my nation,” Erdogan said.

Health Minister Koca conveyed the following information to Erdogan about the point reached in domestic vaccine studies:

“You know that 13 vaccine studies have been conducted in Turkey, especially related to Covid-19. One of these vaccines is a vaccine that our Aykut Ozdarendeli teacher, supported by Erciyes University and our ministry, has been working on for months yesterday, the animal study was successfully completed. That’s how his preclinical work ended. I want to let you know that you have reached the stage of human work.”

Koca said that in a study of 19 transgenic animals, 10 animals were given the virus, and a control group was created for 9 animals. Emphasizing that 9 animals in the control group were not vaccinated, the husband noted that two weeks later, 10 animals vaccinated from both groups were given the virus, but there were no deaths, and the virus was not detected in their lungs.

4 of the 9 transgenic animals that were not vaccinated in the control group died, 5 of them had the virus detected in their lungs, emphasizing Koca, “I want to say that one of the 13 vaccines that continue to work at the point where we arrived is the first vaccine that successfully completed the phase that we call the challenge on a transgenic animal.” said.

Minister Fahrettin Koca, again Prof. Dr. Aykut Ozdarendeli’s second vaccine worked in the preclinical studies have finished and animal study phase as the second vaccine has come to the information. Koca, who informed that preclinical studies of the third inactive vaccine in Koçak Farma were completed with the support of the Ministry and reached the stage of the human experiment, said:

“As you know, Prof. Dr. Hakan Akbulut’s adenovirus study at Ankara University is in question. About him, they also applied to TÜSEB, our ministry for clinical studies. We also decided to support this study. As the fifth vaccine, work continues on the vaccine developed by Prof. Dr. Osman Erganiş at Selcuk university. We will also support this study when it is successfully completed when the results come out again at an early stage. In a nutshell, we will move on to the human trial phase study of three vaccines in the next week, 10 days.”

Koca expressed that the production in the facility they are located in is also important, the facility has competence in terms of GMP conditions, about 2-3 weeks of intense effort was transferred. Koca said that there are no problems at the production point of the facility, and that there is a similar facility in Adiyaman.