Izmir, Turkey – People’s Liberation Party (HKP) took action in Çeşme against the Greek occupation of 20 islands and 2 rocks that belong to Turkey according to international agreements. HKP Deputy Secretary General Tacettin Çolak said, “It is fixed by Article 12 of Lausanne that 20 islands belong to Turkey.”

The members of the HKP, who came together near the Çeşme Courthouse, said, “The Aegean Islands are the Land of the Homeland and cannot be sold! He unfurled a banner with the inscription “Those who sell are Traitors to the Fatherland”. Flags with the heart-shaped portrait of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the words “Independence is My Character” and “Imperialists, Collaborators, They Will Go As They Came” were also included in the action.

Police tried to prevent the march of HKP members from Çeşme Courthouse to Çeşme Cumhuriyet Square. Despite the attempt to prevent it, HKP members marched with slogans such as “The islands are the homeland and cannot be sold” and “The islands are the homeland, protect your homeland”. Press release by HKP Deputy Secretary General Tacettin Colak performed it.

President of the AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, called on Greece during the Efes-2022 exercises, saying, “We invite you to stop arming the islands with non-military status and to act in accordance with international agreements. Reminding his words “I’m not kidding”, Çolak said, “Erdogan, who is protesting the so-called Greece, did not mention the occupation of our 20 islands and two rocks.”

“The claim that the islands were given in Lausanne is a huge lie,” said Çolak, adding, “The AKP members have been pretending to be dead for 18 years in the face of the occupation and annexation of 20 of our islands and 2 rocks left to Turkey by Greece since 2004. According to international agreements, the Aegean islands should be demilitarized or disarmed.

Alleging that they were spectators to the occupation of the Çolak Islands, President of the AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reminded that they have filed dozens of criminal complaints against the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ministers of Interior, Ministers of National Defense, Chiefs of Staff and the governors of Izmir, Aydin and Mugla, to which some of the occupied islands are affiliated.

Çolak said, “However, these islands, whose property belongs to us according to the Treaty of Lausanne, have been occupied by Greece in disregard of both the Treaty of Lausanne and the rules of international law.”

The last occupied Büyük Çuha Island is four times the size of Istanbul Büyükada, and some are three times the size of it. This occupation was watched by AKP members. There is no other explanation for Erdogan’s criticizing that Greece is holding exercises on 12 islands belonging to him, but not talking about these islands, which have been going on for years and each of which is a homeland. By not mentioning the islands they sold in 2004 in order to get a negotiation date from the European Union, he tacitly confessed to his guilt. Therefore, a new criminal complaint will be made by the HKP in the coming days.

The AKP’s people have no problem with defending their homeland. He is prolonging his life in power by selling everything that belongs to the public in our country. They have left nothing in the treasury for twenty years, they have sold public goods, they have sold our underground and above ground resources, and now they are selling the beaches through the Environment Agency, which they have put in charge of First Lady Erdogan. When there is nothing left to sell in the country, they will run away.

Claiming that Greece and the USA have besieged Turkey with their bases, Çolak said, “Despite all the problems and wars in the past, Greece and Turkey have equal rights in the Aegean Sea because they are riparian countries. The ownership of the islands in the Aegean Sea has been determined by international conventions. It is fixed by the 12th article of Lausanne that these 20 islands belong to Turkey.

Çolak, who argues that Greece is relying on the imperialist states and that Greece is a tool for the expansionist policies of the imperialists, said, “Greece, in its mind, is after the plan of making the Aegean Sea a Greek Lake. We will not allow this. We will fight together with the brotherly Greek people for the Aegean Sea to become the Sea of ​​Peace. We will be in solidarity against the imperialists who turn peoples against each other.”