Athens, Greece – The start of exploratory talks dialogue between Greece and Turkey on January 25, 2021 was marked as an important step for diplomatic political process after all tensed period.

Turkey is showing that it can discuss whatever can be discussed and at the same time arm itself in case it is again challenged to respond in the field with Istanbul (F-515) Frigate’s launch ceremony.

Indeed, there is no dilemma between diplomacy and defense in international relations. Turkey’s national interest requires both when it comes to deal with the international issues.

Some Greek opinion shapers put forward a number of arguments concerning the exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey and shed light on an important aspect of the issue by expressing the opinion that it is not in Greece’s interest to negotiate with Turkey, especially given Turkey’s current behavior in Mavi Vatan.

This reaction should be seen as another piece of the complex puzzle of Greek-Turkish relations that needs to be heeded by the international community, which encourages dialogue for stability, security and peace in Aegean and Mediterranean region.

EU members Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration duo want Greek-Turkish relations to automatically turn into EU-Turkish relations, because the duo argue that this dialogue is about their sovereignty issues in Turkey’s Mavi Vatan.

The majority of Greek opinion shapers – who support dialogue with Turkey, knowing that this perforce also entails compromise, on the condition, of course, that this is in accordance with international law. At the same time they argue that Greece cannot discuss its sovereignty nor how it will protect its islands from an evidently real and escalating threat in Aegean and Mediterranean region.

The fact that there are reactions within Greece and opposition to efforts to find common ground with Turkey. That said, successive Greek governments across the ideological spectrum, have for decades now chosen the path of prudence and moderation, have stated their support for a structured dialogue and have sincerely sought a peaceful coexistence with Turkey. And this is a reality that must be acknowledged by one and all.