Antalya, Turkey – Greek President Katerina Sakelaropulu paid a visit to the island of Meis. Speaking at the ceremony, Sakelaropulu said that “they are going through a difficult and dangerous period” and claimed that “the pressure and aggressive rhetoric of the Turkish leadership against their country has increased.”

“In Turkey, built by the Greeks and the Turks to live in peace and good neighbourly sabotage the environment for many years” the one Sakelaropulu. Indeed, aggressive rhetoric of the Greek leadership raises barriers between peoples, creates suspicion and hostility between them is undermining the ties.

“77 of the liberation of Meis. Sakelaropulu, who was on the island to attend the ceremonies held under the name” anniversary”, said that Meis has” high strategic importance “in Greece’s claim, saying that” the island also has moral importance and has preserved its traditions and customs at the eastern end of the team islands for 5 thousand years”.

The Greek President, who also visited the War Museum in Meis, said that “Greece is also in constant cooperation and communication with the international community and its partners”, suggesting that her country is following the path of diplomacy and dialogue.

“Greece is open to dialogue with Turkey on the basis of international law and does not threaten anyone,” Sakelaropulu said, adding that “Turkey’s not renewing Navtex is a step in the right direction. The desire of all of us should be to return to normality and calm,” she said.

She spoke 2km from Turkey: you must be prepared for war
“If you want peace, you should always be better prepared for war,” Greek President Katerina Sakellaropulu said of Greece’s decision to buy 18 warplanes from France, add four new frigates to the Navy and strengthen the armed forces with 15 new soldiers, speaking on the island of Meis, 2km from Turkey.

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropulu, who visited Meis Island, 2 kilometers from Antalya Kas, made striking statements as tensions between Turkey and Greece continued. “At a time of crisis, isn’t your visit to an island next to Turkey a provocative message?”a peaceful visit by a Greek President can never be provocative,” he said. We’re going through sensitive times. We’re in favor of dialogue. Greece has proven that it supports dialogue. But not a dialogue under threat.”gave the answer.

“If you want peace, you must always be better prepared for war”
“The government has decided that these steps should be taken,” he said, referring to 18 warplanes and 4 new frigates that will be bought in France. Asked whether these military purchases were made to send a message to Turkey, the Greek President said: “not just to send a message to Turkey. If you want peace, you must always be more prepared for war.”