Athens, Greece – Greek President Katerina Sakellaropulu, who has escalated tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, again took aim at Turkey before a visit to the Greek Cypriot Administration.

As new threats from France and Greece to Turkey lined up, Greek President Sakellaropoulou, preparing to visit Southern Cyprus, crossed the line again.

Sakellaropulu, who declared Turkey an occupier of the TRNC, said: “Turkey must stop this. This is how the comprehensive solution is achieved, ” she said. “Turkey’s position is not only aimed at the sovereignty and sovereign rights of the European Union (EU) member states, but also threatens peace and security in the region,” Greek president Sakellaropulu said, targeting Turkey at every turn.

Ignoring Greece’s provocations, Sakellaropulu said: “We are following the path of diplomacy with Turkey. And we have absolute respect for good neighbourly relations. However, we are ready to face any challenge of Turkey and respond at any time,” she said.

Sakellaropulu, who will travel to Southern Cyprus tomorrow for a three-day visit to southern Cyprus, spoke to the Greek Cypriot News Agency.”We are in constant cooperation with the Cypriot political leadership to achieve the resumption of negotiations within the framework of the UN, with the aim of ending the (so-called) Turkish occupation of the island and finding a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem on the only basis that is binding and possible for all: the relevant UN resolutions and the implementation of the European acquis throughout the ‘Republic of Cyprus’, ” Sakellaropulu continued his statements.”

Sakellaropoulos, who will also meet with Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis in southern Cyprus, will reportedly also visit the graves of EOKA, who were prominent in the massacres of the Turkish Cypriots.

“At a time of crisis, isn’t your visit to an island next to Turkey a provocative message?” she answered the question:

“A peaceful visit by a Greek President can never be provocative. We’re going through sensitive times. We’re in favor of dialogue. Greece has proven that it supports dialogue. But not a dialogue under threat.”

“A peaceful visit by a Greek President can never be provocative. We’re going through sensitive times. We’re in favor of dialogue. Greece has proven that it supports dialogue. But not a dialogue under threat.”

“Is the tension over gas reserves over or decreasing? “and his question answered as follows:

“I’m not that positive. Greece, Cyprus and the entire Mediterranean will move in small steps. Everyone in the Mediterranean needs stability, not only Greece and Turkey, but also the European Union and NATO.”

Meanwhile, Greek government spokesman Stelyos Petsas said once again that the departure of the Oruç Reis research vessel from the region was a positive step taken by Turkey. Answering questions from journalists at the daily press conference, Petsas said: “As long as Turkey stands behind these positive steps. We expect and wish for these positive signs to be sustained,” he said.

Asked whether Greece would insist on imposing sanctions against Turkey at the European Union (EU) summit on September 24-25, Petsas said: “We have time before the EU summit. It depends on what Turkey will do during this time, ” he said.

“We want the maritime jurisdiction between us and Turkey to be determined,” Petsas said, noting that Athens wants to continue where the exploratory talks with Turkey were interrupted in March 2016.

Stelyos Petsas also answered questions about the defence policy announced by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at his annual press conference the previous day. Petsas said there were two reasons for the new regulation, which would oblige those over the age of 18 to do 12 months of military service.

One of them is the prolongation of the tension observed in Turkish-Greek relations since November 2019 (the month of the signing of the Libyan agreement), while the second is the increase of the elderly population in Greece, Petsas said.

Meanwhile, it was announced that Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will meet separately with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Şükrü and European Union Council President Charles Michel, who will visit Athens tomorrow. Charles Michel is expected to clarify the proposal for a” meeting of Eastern Mediterranean countries”.

“Abrams tanks belonging to the United States and Leopard tanks belonging to the Greek army will conduct joint exercises in Iskeche rocks in Western Thrace,” the Greek press announced in a news release as a flash development.

Greece, which has escalated tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, has decided to conduct joint exercises with the United States, this time in Western Thrace. Greece and the United States will hold joint exercises in the region of Iskeche rocks (Petrohori) in Western Thrace from September 14-18, 2020, the Greek press announced as a flash development.

On the other hand, it was also stated that for the first time in Western Thrace, tanks belonging to the US Army will conduct joint exercises with the Greek army.

According to Greek media, the joint exercise will be followed by Greek Chief of staff Konstantinos Floros and senior US commanders serving in the European wing.

The exercise will be followed by US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt and the Thessaloniki Consul General. In the exercise, it was noted that M1A2 Abrams tanks belonging to the US Army and Leo2hel and LEO2A4 tanks belonging to the Greek army will perform shooting at fixed targets in motion.

Meanwhile, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis described Turkey’s failure to publish a new Navtex for Oruç Reis ‘ research in the Eastern Mediterranean and the return of his ship to Antalya as a “positive first step”.

“It’s a positive first step, ” Mitsotakis said at a teleconference press conference in Thessaloniki. I hope this (Oruç Reis ‘ return to Antalya) is not a coincidence and the continuation will come. If there are examples of Turkey’s intentions, Greece is ready to start the exploratory talks where they left off in 2016,” he said.

Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis also asked “Will you meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan”, adding: “Of course I can. I’m not negative about the possibility of such an interview. If there’s goodwill across the street, why not? During this period, I never said anything about Mr. Erdogan’s person, and I will not say anything. Goodwill and trust are important. It is better to meet than not to meet,” he replied.

“If we get signs that Turkey is sincere and unilateral actions are avoided, I am ready to sit at the table first to talk about exploratory negotiations and confidence-building measures so that the period of tension is behind us,” micotakis added.

Katerina Greek President Sakellaropulu Turkey “Oruç Reis” new Navtex for the ship (Mariners publish announcement “a positive first step,” he said, “Everyone must be in the direction of peace and normalization efforts,” he had explained.

“We do not give in to threats, blackmail, Greece does not threaten anyone,” Sakellaropulu, who arrived on the island of Meis yesterday, claimed during a visit to the warship “Mikonios”, anchored in the port, Turkey has created unprecedented tension in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. We are open to dialogue on the condition of good neighbourliness and respect for the rules of international law. We hope that logic and the interests of the people of the region will prevail,” he said.

At the time of the Greek President’s visit to Meis, the Minister of National Defense Akar went to Kas, just across the island, and gave messages of mutual dialogue and peace, saying, “We are in favor of the development of everything in peace, stability, and good-neighborly relations.”

“The most important feature of the Turkish nation is its hospitality, ” Akar said in a brief statement to reporters here. Therefore, we say ‘Welcome’ to everyone who comes as a guest. We conduct our activities here under normal conditions. Here we are in favor of the development of everything in peace, stability, and good neighborly relations. That’s our goal, our effort.”

“As our president has repeatedly stated, We are always in favor of dialogue and political solutions. We did what was necessary for good neighborly relations, and we continue to do it. We expect the same from the other side.”

“If our demands on this issue are met, if these requests are met, we are in favor of peace. As soon as possible, we will ensure that the region is a region of peace, peace and stability. We would be pleased about this too.”

Noting the proximity of the Greek islands to Turkey, Akar said that” we are intertwined “and noted that the geography contains” difficulties to explain and understand ” and continued as follows:

“We want our problems here to achieve political solutions by peaceful methods. We want fair application of international law on this issue… Tension, provocation, provocation are of no use to anyone. It doesn’t help Greece in particular, it needs to be understood.“We expect them to be evaluated by our Greek friends, by our neighbors, and we expect them to behave with my sanity,” Akar said, referring to Greece’s claim to 10-mile airspace, pointing to the difficulties it brings in practice. Akar, regarding the technical talks under the roof of NATO, said that Greece has some preconditions, “if they have preconditions, we have them. It’s not about pouring water downhill. The parties in favour of solving (the problems) need to put forward the will. We need to sit down and talk about it sincerely,” he said.

The Oruç Reis ship, which conducted seismic surveys in the eastern Mediterranean, docked off the Port of Antalya with the expiration of the Navtex period. As part of its work, which began on August 10, Oruç Reis collected data from an area of about 3,500 square kilometers. “There is a planned activity. There will be back and forth within the framework of this plan, it is never out of the question for us to give up our rights and laws in the region,” he said.