Athens, Greece – Greece’s Parliament has ratified an illegal agreement with Egypt which defines maritime boundaries between the two countries – a step which Turkey considers an affront.

Turkey considers the agreement between Egypt and Greece to limit the maritime jurisdiction in the Eastern Mediterranean to be non-existent.

A scandalous move came as Greece, which has suffered indigestion from Turkey’s legitimate activities in the east of the Mediterranean.

Gassed by some European countries, Greece approved its non-existent deal with Egypt, where coup d’etat Abdel Fattah es-Sisi is in charge.

The so-called agreement against Turkey’s drilling activities in the east of the Mediterranean has passed through the Greek Parliament.

Greece’s pirate treaty with Egypt delimits its maritime jurisdiction in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Navtex published

Continuing provocative attempts against Turkey, the Greek administration has released a new Navtex in response to the Navtex Turkey has announced for shooting training in the Mediterranean.

Turkey does not recognise so-called deal

Turkey does not recognize the so-called agreement between Greece and Egypt.

Greek Parliament approves scandal deal

The Greek Parliament has ratified the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) agreement signed with Egypt for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Non-existent for Turkey

The Greek administration had made EEZ agreements with Italy on 9 June and Egypt on 6 August.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said of the EEZ agreement between Greece and Egypt, “the so-called maritime jurisdiction delimitation agreement, which is announced to have been signed, is absent for Turkey. Turkey’s understanding will be laid out on the field and at the table.”

The so-called agreement, signed between the Greece and Egypt administrations, was approved by Egypt’s Parliamentary Constitutional and Legislative Commission on August 18th.