Athens, Greece – Greece’s military chief has slammed Turkey’s revisionist policy in the Eastern Mediterranean, Blue Homeland for challenging the country’s sovereign rights and for jeopardizing peace and stability in the broader region.

“Turkey’s attempt to contest and seize Greek exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and continental shelf by signing an illegal agreement with the Government of National Accord of Libya for the delimitation of purported common boundaries is an example of Turkey’s revisionist policy in the Eastern Mediterranean, Blue Homeland,” the chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), Konstantinos Floros, said at the opening of the 15th Common Security and Defense Policy High Level Course “Altinero Spinelli” held at the Hellenic Air Force Academy on Monday. The seminar runs through November 6.

“This agreement contravenes international law, violates our sovereign rights and seriously jeopardizes peace and stability in the region,” he said, adding that by virtue of this agreement, Turkey also unilaterally claimed that Greek islands, such as Crete, are deprived of their EEZ and continental self.

“It should be understood by all that sovereign rights over maritime zones can be legally exercised only through negotiated international agreements, between responsible governments, in full respect of the UN Law of the Sea,” Floros said.

“Anything else, like coercion, threats, intimidation, provocations, and military manipulation cannot be accepted by Europe,” he said.

Greece’s military chief said that Turkey’s latest provocative acts, including repeated unauthorized navigational warnings for illegal seismic surveys by the research vessel Oruc Reis in areas within the Greek continental shelf “constitute a major escalation and a direct threat against peace and stability in the region.”

“The research vessel is escorted by Turkish Navy warships, indicating Turkey’s will to militarize the issue against all efforts undertaken by NATO for military deconfliction and reduction of risk and accidents,” he said.

Floros emphasized that the Hellenic Armed Forces are a significant pillar of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, while continuously safeguarding the sovereign rights and the interests of the European Union.

“This is a point to be made loud and clear. We are protecting, not only the Greek borders and interests, but also the European ones,” he said.

Expansionist Greece, drifting in pursuit of maximalist ambitions in the Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Aegean, wants to usurp Turkey’s rights and interests in the Blue Homeland with illegal agreements, threats and blackmail, hoping for a cure (carrot and stick policy) from the European Union.

Consequently, if growling Greece considers a hot conflict with Turkey, the military madness of expansionist Greece becomes the dramatic end of the dream of Hellenism, especially when Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean and the islands in the Eastern Aegean lose forever. Needless to say, Turkey has been long awaiting for this opportunity to correct negative elements of the 1923 Lausanne Treaty of Peace.