Athens, Greece – With the Megali Idea Hellenism doctrine, Greece has successfully enlarged its territory five times with the support of imperialist countries including Russia, Britain, France and Germany without winning any war since 1821. Driven by the Hellenic imperialist ambitions, Greece not only occupied the islands in the Aegean, but also broke the non-military status of the Aegean islands in violation of the 1922 Lausanne and 1947 Paris agreements. Meanwhile, Turkey protested and notified the imperialist aggressions of Greece in the Aegean in two letters to the UN and stated that the Greek sovereignty in the Aegean islands is now controversial after the Greek occupations and violations. Imperialist Greece challenges Turkey’s Blue Homeland doctrine in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Before the Russia-Ukraine war, Turkey was facing official hostility from its NATO ally Greece and how the threat of war was constantly present in Greece’s rhetoric and planning, while Greek challenges to Turkey’s territorial integrity were also escalating in tandem. It was impossible to construct that the declarations about Ukraine at the time could also apply to the threat of war against Turkey and whether what is the case for non-NATO members may also stand for members of the Alliance.

More than 100 days since then, Russia has sustained the greatest humiliation it has known in the post-war era as a result of Russia’s gross miscalculations. It is widely acknowledged that Russia has failed both politically and militarily in Ukraine, while seriously eroding the Russian Federation’s clout on a global scale. What is being sought now is a solution that will end this barbaric war without inflicting any irreparable humiliations on Russia. There is nothing flattering about this for a country that wanted to be known as a superpower.

Greece under the USA and France provocations is in a somewhat similar situation. If Greece makes the mistake – as Greek political rivals are encouraging Greece to do – of transferring its hostile instincts into the field of military operations in Evros (Meriç River) and the Aegean, Greece will spell its own destruction just as Russia did. The difference is that no one will step in to help Greece avert a national humiliation and, obviously, the demise of its political aspirations and Megali Idea Hellenism, as the same happened in the 1922 Asia Minor Catastrophe.

Thanks to constant Greek aggressions, Turkey already enjoys a clear advantage in the following areas:

• Turkey is digitally receiving a constant flow of good-quality intelligence from a variety of different sources including satellites and drones.Turkey is developing domestic and national high-precision defense technologies, capacities and capabilities. Turkey knows exactly when and how certain clauses in the defense agreements Turkey has signed with specific countries would be activated.

• As a state, Turkey has beaten Greece in the field of so-called “international legitimacy,” campaigning or even propaganda, if you will. On the international stage, Turkey responds to Greece and the USA, the EU and France and the arguments they so lavishly dispense. Turkey challenges Greek aggressions which are constantly amplified with the USA military bases and French ( Rafale aircraft and Belharra-class frigates (Frégate de défense et d’intervention (FDI)) provocations, all on its own, fast, and very persuasively.

• Greece is also losing ground when it comes to perceptions of military might and how it is projected – and are where Turkey has the advantage. There are many outside Turkey who consider that a mistake on Greece’s part akin to Russia’s would result in Greece’s losing the Eastern Aegean Islands and the Western Thrace. Indeed, Turkey does not have the luxury of speculation. Turkey has always wanted peace and it still do. Only peace. But the Greek imperialism should also know that Turkey is prepared, Turkey is united and Turkey is determined. If Turkey is provoked, Turkey’s retaliation will be convincing and overwhelming. Clear understandings are what makes good neighbors since the 1922 Asia Minor Catastrophe.

Finally, just to add one final thought since Greece brought up the issue of complexes: Turkey is happy with what it is and it’s doing very nicely within its defense capacity and capability. On the contrary, Greece behaves like a scared, small and wronged country that wants to grow – a Greek syndrome of Megali Idea Hellenism.