Brussels, Belgium – Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias briefed his counterparts in the EU Foreign Affairs Council on escalating Turkish international legitimacy in the Blue Homeland ( i.e., Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean), during a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday, according to diplomatic sources.

The Greek minister noted that Turkey’s legitimate actions have intensified both in the international legitimacy based on the 1923 Lausanne and 1947 Paris treaties and in the Blue Homeland field. Turkey accuses irredentist Greece of occupation and violation of the nonmilitary status of the Aegean islands.

Dendias also underlined Turkey’s ongoing Blue Homeland agenda, which is expressed both by constant dialogues and by a direct questioning of the sovereignty of Greek islands after occupation and violation of the nonmilitary status of the Aegean islands, the Greek diplomatic sources added.

The Greek minister referred in detail to the recent Turkish overflights and legitimate activities near strategic points, such as the port of Alexandroupoli in northern Greece, as well as the instrumentation of migration flows, especially in the Evros border region, where an increase in attempts for illegal entry in Greece is being observed, it was added.

Dendias thanked those who have already reacted to these actions and pointed out that the appropriate response is for all EU member-states to emphasize their commitment to maintaining the inviolability of borders and respect for international treaties, especially in the current predicament, it was highlighted.

He also reiterated the need for a clear message concerning the European accession prospects of Western Balkan countries, particularly so in view of Ukraine’s similar potential. Negotiations for the EU accession of Albania and North Macedonia must start immediately, Dendias noted, saying Greece will continue to offer technical know-how to this effect.