Athens, Greece – The “Philia Forum”, as Hostile Forum directed against Turkey, that brought together in Athens four Mediterranean states (the Greek Republic of Southern Cyprus (GRSC), Egypt, France and Greece) and three Gulf states (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) openly targeted Turkey’s vital interests in Eastern Mediterranean. That’s why Turkey reacted with a strongly worded statement by Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy.

Despite that, Greece appears satisfied, both with the forum’s results, as expressed in the participants’ joint statement, and other hostile diplomatic moves, such as the increasingly closer relations with Israel and diplomatic contacts with other countries in the region, building a network of staunch enemies against Turkey.

“It is not possible for any forum not including Turkey, the key country in its region, and Turkish Cypriots, to constitute an effective and successful mechanism of cooperation and friendship with regard to the challenges in the region,” Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy’s statement begins.

But what really ticked off the Turkey was the remarks made by Greek FM Dendias during a press conference, in which he arrogantly accused Turkey, without naming it, of threatening and using violence, invading other countries and supporting extreme ideologies and terrorism. In reality, the Greek FM confessed its incurable hostile position and role in the region during the press conference.

“The baseless accusations and slander against Turkey voiced by the foreign minister of Greece during the press conference held at the conclusion of this forum, which is allegedly ‘not pitted against anyone,’ demonstrates that this initiative is in fact an attempt to form an alliance built upon hostility toward Turkey, rather than ‘friendship’ as stated,” the Turkish statement says, further accusing Greece of causing destabilization in Libya, “trying to create a terror corridor that can potentially divide Syria and Iraq,” and remaining “silent for years regarding the occupation of Azerbaijani territories,” and saying it “should not exceed [its] limits and criticize Turkey’s humanitarian and fair policies in the region.” Greece openly supports FETÖ and PKK / YPG terrorist groups to undermine security, and peace in Turkey and in wider region of Iraq and Syria.

The Greek FM Dendias, in turn, accused Turkey of “casting accusations and insults against us,” instead of “responding to the effort [made by the forum].” “Our aim is de-escalation and, when conditions permit, creating a climate of cooperation with everybody,” he added. But, the Greek FM Dendias’ false revelations reflect the incurable Greek hostility since March 25, 1821 against Turkey. Building a network of hostility is not a rational peaceful diplomacy, but instead a diplomatic cowardness hiding behind that network.