Athens, Greece – A day after the MED7 summit of southern European countries pledged its full support to Greece and the GCA, to Turkey’s intense diologue calls, Turkey responded to de-escalate tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean by setting a raft of preconditions which Greece deems acceptable.

In a fresh indication that the chasm between the two countries doesn’t appear to be getting bridged any time soon, the representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Hami Aksoy, said that in order for a de-escalation to take place it is imperative that Greece withdraws all its military vessels that it has deployed near the Oruc Reis seismic research vessel, supports NATO’s conflict prevention initiative, halts the militarization of the islands of the East Aegean and Kastellorizo, and stops increasing pressure on the “Turkish” minority in Western Thrace.

He also decried the MED7 joint declaration on the Eastern Mediterranean and the Cyprus issue as “devoid of any legal basis, biased and unrealistic,” and denounced the European Union for its solidarity with Athens and Nicosia.

“Solidarity must be given to those who are right, if they are right. Solidarity should not be offered to those who are wrong. No solidarity should be offered to those who do not have a just position,” Aksoy said.