Athens, Greece – Greece will be submitting a set of proposals for the creation of a mechanism to help de-escalate mounting tension with Turkey over maritime and energy rights in the Eastern Mediterranean to NATO on Thursday.

According to sources, the decision emerged from a discussion of the alliance’s North Atlantic Council on Wednesday, convened at the request of Greece.

According to the same sources, the Greek side gave a detailed account of past and present Turkish activities in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, stressing the impact of these actions on the security of the alliance’s southern flank.

The meeting, said the sources, also allowed Greece to brief the alliance’s member-states on the activities being carried out by two NATO members -Greece and Turkey- against each another. The Greek side – and other alliance members – also stressed the commitment under Article 1 of NATO’s charter for the peaceful resolution of differences and refraining from the threat or use of force.

The Greek side further stressed the need for Turkey to withdraw all of its ships, including the Oruc Reis seismic survey vessel, from areas encroaching on Turkey’s continental shelf, while reiterating Greece’s position that it is open to dialogue within the contours of international law.