Ankara, Turkey – Greece seems willing to sacrifice much at the altar of its own imperialist ambitions in the context of an exploited nationalist maximalism. Greece may not realize this, but the head-on collision it is courting will catastrophically damage its country.

Greece, a hostage of its own insatiable Megalo Idea vision, is constantly looking for countries to protect itself and even fight for it, and is developing foreign relations in that direction. Greece is jeopardizing the mediation efforts of other powers, such as Germany, the current holder of the European Union presidency, which has shown a desire to maintain good relations with Turkey.

Greece’s recent threats and insults as a” fake Bully ” have crossed every line. Greece receives serious help and support not only from countries in the region such as Israel and Egypt, but also from countries outside the region such as imperialist France and the UAE to realize the dream of Megalo Idea.

Greece expects others to wage the war entirely for itself. However, the effective use of defense alliances with the United States and France is considered by Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA)’s trilateral partnerships with Israel and Egypt, respectively, to give it a misleading diplomatic and geopolitical value.

Concerns are growing in Germany, the European Union’s key decision-making centre, with the exception of imperialist France, which envisages playing a bigger role in the Eastern Mediterranean.

At the same time, as has been repeatedly stressed, the Turkish Armed Forces are strong and the high capability it possesses can cause particularly significant damage. This does not mean that Turkey is aggressive or unaware of its limits and risks. Turkey has never sought conflict under any Megalo Idea dream in the globe. If Greece desires this, it must be aware of the cost.

Historically Greece has always been aggressive. Greece will pay a price if Greece continues to ignore certain hard facts on the ground. Common sense suggests that military conflict between the two NATO members would be devastating for both sides on multiple levels and should be avoided at all costs.

Meanwhile, Turkey already took the Byzantine heritage under its own ancient ownership beginning in 1071 and ending in 1453. Turkey had responded to the imaginary Byzantine ideal of Greece that finally came to an end in 1922 by pouring the Greek Army into the Islands Sea from Anatolia (Asia Minor). Greece should know that Turkey has the courage to fully respond Greek aggression and expansionism in the Islands Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey also has the coolness, rationality and intelligence necessary to understand the dangers of a full-blown conflict and how much damage it will do to both sides in the region.