Athens, Greece – Greece fired Russian S-300 air defense systems missiles, but even no minor reaction came from EU and US duo as expected! If it had been Turkey doing this action, they would loudly and coherently be barking.

Escalating tensions in the Aegean and Mediterranean region, the Greek Armed Forces fired a Russian-owned S-300 air defense system missiles stationed on the island of Crete.

Greece tested Russian S-300 air defense system missile during the exercise, which lasted from 23 to 27 November 2020 at the Crete Shooting Range. Military personnel from Greece and Germany, as well as the Netherlands and the United States, participated in the exercise.

The drill was mainly conducted with Russian S-300 missiles, TOR-M1 and OSA-AK directional missile (K/B), as well as HAWK, ASRAD and MANPAD (STINGER) missiles. On the other hand, anti-aircraft missiles and Russian, American and German-made medium and short-range missile defense systems integrated into the Greek anti-aircraft defense system were tested and fired during the week.