Athens, Greece – The new year 2021 is expected to be a year of developments in Greek-Turkish relations, with Greece reportedly eyeing a possible restart of exploratory talks with Turkey.

Greece claims that it has received assurances that Turkey will desist from gas and oil exploration and other actions seen as challenging Greek sovereignty in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean, and is now waiting for Turkey to make the first move, as the first meeting towards a resumption of talks would take place in Turkey.

However, unlike Greece’s maximalist goals, Turkey is engaged in gas and oil exploration only on its own continental shelf in Mavi Vatan (Blue Homeland). Since 1821, when it was founded by imperialist powers as a project state, Greece has been organizing provocations, aggressions, invasions and occupations against Turkey with incurable maximalist goals (Megalo Idea). Among these maximalist goals, Greece wants to include all the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean islands, especially Istanbul, Turkey’s Thrace and the Aegean region in the Hellenic state.

Meanwhile, the reported assurances that Turkey’s Oruc Reis seismic survey vessel would remain in Turkish waters over the coming weeks, making an overture more possible for resumption of exploratory talks.

Nevertheless, Turkey considers that Greece will ultimately choose the path of dialogue and diplomacy, first as a result of US president-elect being sworn in as president of the United States on January 20 and, secondly, in light of March 2021’s scheduled European Council summit, where possible sanctions against Turkey are one of the key items on the agenda.

Indeed, Turkey always offers to start the exploratory talks without preconditions, where all existing problems with Greece can be addressed through dialogue and diplomatic mechanisms.