Scandalous move from Greece!

Istanbul, Turkey – Greece “the little spoiled irresponsible child of the EU“, which persistently provoked Turkey with its support from Europe in the Mediterranean sea, does not stand idly by in the Islands sea. Since 1960, the Greek administration has turned the islands, which according to international agreements are prohibited from arming, into an arsenal and has deployed warplanes in some of them. The Greek arming of the islands has reached a serious extent, posing a major threat to Turkey’s security.

Greece, which is pursuing moves that provoke Turkey in the Mediterranean sea with support from European states, is also pursuing its insidious plans in the Islands Sea.

The Turkish minority resettled in Western Thrace, the continental shelf, the territorial waters, the flight information region (FIR) line, the disputed territories and the arming of the islands are the main reasons for the tensions in the Islands sea. However, experts agree that the Greek administration, which holds the majority of the islands, is threatening Turkey’s national security by piling up arms and ammunition on several islands in the Islands sea.

The Greek side, which has gradually transformed the islands into military bases since 1960, shows the Montreux Treaty of 1936 as a basis for this. However, under Lausanne and other international agreements, the islands must be free of arms.

Greece has accumulated sophisticated arms and troops on 23 islands, which contravenes international agreements such as the Lausanne and Paris agreements. According to Lausanne, Greece’s Lemnos, Chios, Sisam and Kos islands can only have security forces, this was openly exploited and thousands of troops were deployed to the island of Rhodes and Lesbos.

Greece has made the islands in the Islands sea a military base zone. At this time, 18 islands were armed and converted into an arsenal. The airfield was built and deployed fighter aircraft to the islands of Lemnos, Lesbos, Kos and Rhodes for jet action against Turkey. Therefore, there is a potential threat against Turkey. Turkey has to use its international rights to solve this problem that threatens its sovereignty.

Greece has ignored international law, the intransigence between Turkey and Greece, especially the Cyprus and the Islands sea problems, has often brought the two countries to the brink of hot war. Greece is therefore in clear violation of international law. Therefore, it is very important to read correctly the current developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the tensions that the Greek side is trying to create.

Despite all kinds of illegal and aggressive stance of Greece, Turkey must continue in the eastern Mediterranean sea and the Islands sea under international law every right to defend its sovereignty and national interests in the rights of peaceful methods and diplomacy to demand within the limits of a solution-oriented approach. This approach is extremely valuable.

Turkish Foreign Ministry against Dendias: “You are the spoiled children of Europe”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement in response to the announcement by the Greek Foreign Ministry and New Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendia’s statements.

The announcement highlights that “in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey supports its rights on its continental shelf. But it will continue to defend the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot people as the Greek Cypriot administration has not yet set up the decision-making mechanisms for the sharing of hydrocarbon revenues”.

Strong retort by Turkey to Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias

We are surprised by the statements made by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on what he said in an interview about the legitimate activities that our country is doing in the eastern Mediterranean. The title “spoiled child of Europe” actually belongs to Greece. The “naughty child” of Europe is the Greek Cypriot administration that has joined the EU in violation of international law and, together with Greece, lead the eastern Mediterranean to instability.

Occupying Greece has unfairly tripled its land and sea presence against Turkey since it was established. Despite the unjustified and baseless aggression and reaction of Cyprus and Greece, Turkey continues defending its national sovereignty boundaries in the Mediterranean sea and in the Islands sea!