Ankara, Turkey – President Erdogan gave the gospel at Aselsan new system introductions and facility openings. Erdogan, ” completely national and domestic engineering capabilities of our satellite launch tests have been successfully completed, we have reached Space 4 more times.” he said.

Erdogan spoke at the new system introductions and facility openings ceremony held at Aselsan Gölbaşı campus. Erdogan, who started his words by celebrating the 45th anniversary of Aselsan’s founding, which began its operations on November 14, 1975, thanked everyone who has served in Aselsan since its inception, participated in projects, contributed to the country’s defense industry with his accumulation and labor.

Erdogan noted that 1975 was the year immediately after the Cyprus landing, noting that Turkey was subjected to a very strict and unfair embargo after this first cross-border operation in the history of the Republic. Erdogan, who said that this situation was instrumental in exposing the shortcomings and omissions in the defense industry in all its nakedness, said that after the operation, Aselsan and then other defense industry organizations were put into operation, the country was entering a new era.

However, during the intervening years, to meet the need in the defense industry, highlight the desired speed level that could not be improved and Erdogan, who therefore, when they come to one of their areas the government identified as priority the strengthening of the defense industry said. Erdogan, who stated that for the remaining 18 years, they continued their work on the path of the goal of a fully independent Turkey in the defense industry, continued his words:

“Our defense industry presidency, founded by the late Ozal, has established a structure that can effectively coordinate this process. Today, the Turkish defense industry has a wide ecosystem, from foundation companies to the private sector, from subcontractors to SMEs, from universities to research centers, from technoparks to clusters. Thus, while 62 defense projects were carried out in 2002, today we have a defense industry in which nearly 700 projects have been implemented. In order to fight more effectively against the attacks facing our country, we have launched around 350 new projects in the last 5 years alone. We have increased the budget of our defense industry projects from $ 5.5 billion to $ 60 billion. Again, during this period, the number of companies operating in the sector reached from 56 to 1500. The sector’s turnover, which is $ 1 billion, also reached $ 11 billion. Our defense and aerospace exports increased from $ 248 million to $ 3 billion.”

Erdogan, who mentioned that Turkey is represented by 7 companies in the world’s top 100 defense companies list, said that only 5 more companies have entered this list in the last 5 years. President Erdogan continued:

“We have become a country that meets the needs of friendly and allied countries along with ourselves in land and sea vehicles. We are among 10 countries that have designed, built and executed their own warships. In the production of UAV, SIHA and TIHA, we are now in the first 3-4 countries of the world. Today, Turkey has become a country that can overcome all the challenges posed by global suppliers and the secret open embargoes imposed by its own power. We can easily carry out counterterrorism operations within our borders. We can carry out peace operations outside our borders as we please. We owe it all to the progress we have made in the defence industry. Not only do we address the shortcomings of the past and prepare for the present, we also embrace the future. By increasing our investment in research and development, we continue to implement systems that require high technology. A bunch of drones? What we’re doing. Our ships ‘ combat management system? We’re improving. An unmanned ground vehicle? We produce. Artificial intelligence systems? We are working on. Electromagnetic and laser weapons? We are designing.”

Pointing out that Canada has imposed an embargo on the camera used on some of the drones because of Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan, Erdogan said: “What have we done? In Aselsan, we produced a native. We attached it to our drones, and we moved on. We didn’t stay with it, we started our project right now to make the same cameras even better. I hope that by acting with this understanding in all areas, we will raise our domestic and national defense industry to the highest levels., “he said.

Founded in the aftermath of the Cyprus peace operation, Aselsan, at the current point as a global company, are continuing their activities in a very wide area, stating that Erdogan these communications, radar, electronic warfare, electro-optical, security, weapons, and missile defense systems, unmanned autonomous vehicles, platforms, munitions, a new generation of artificial intelligence systems, energy, transportation and health technologies, said there were so many titles.

“Aselsan, which has proven the strength of our country and our engineers by producing patented products that have achieved many firsts on a global scale, is bubbling up our chest with its new achievements.”Erdogan, taking responsibility at Aselsan, thanked the chairman of the board and General Manager Haluk Görgün for fulfilling his promises.

At this point, Aselsan, along with its subcontractors and stakeholders, continues to mass-produce products in the inventory, while also continuing to provide new systems to security forces, Erdogan said, as well as creating solutions in areas such as energy, health, transport, by opening the technologies in its hands to multiple uses.

“Today, we are also delivering one of these new systems. The Karakulak High Frequency shortening and listening system, which will add great power to us in electronic warfare, is now ready to use., “he said. “Let’s all get to know this system, developed by Aselsan and entered the service of the Turkish Armed Forces as of today,” Erdogan said later, and the video about the system was shown.

“KORKUT performs low-altitude air defense in the most effective way against targets such as air-to-land missiles, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as aircraft and helicopters,” Erdogan said, adding that new KORKUT low-altitude air defense weapons system, which is still in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, will be delivered to the TSK today. With 35 millimeter particle munitions called atoms that we use in this system, our country has become nationally equipped with a capability that few countries in the world have.”he made his assessment.

At this time, a video was shown promoting the KORKUT system. After the video was shown, President Erdogan continued his speech, and on the one hand, the development of a new generation of products has begun in line with the needs of the security forces on the ground.

Erdogan campaign in enemy radar detection and electronic warfare played a very big role Koral broadcast system, noting that a more advanced version of this system, “new generation KORAL” project that is being launched today announced. Erdogan, who stated that the new system will have a higher ability to detect, mix and blunt enemy elements than the existing Koral, congratulated the Defense Industry presidency and Aselsan for the design, development and production of the new projects and systems they deliver, which Koral also continued in his speech after the screening of the promotional film.

During his visit to Roketsan on August 30, Victory Day, President Erdogan recalled that he said that “he is now in the space League”. Erdogan said: “I would like to share with you the good news that we have once again illuminated the darkness of space with our national technology and engineering capabilities on the Republic Day on October 29. Our satellite launch tests with our national and domestic engineering capabilities have been successfully completed. In these tests, we have reached Space 4 more times. With this pride that we have experienced on our Republic Day, we have left behind another important milestone within the framework of our 2023 vision., “he said.

“I want to share this pride with our nation along with their images.”after viewing the images of the Probe rocket test, they will continue to appear before the nation with the Heralds of new achievements in all areas,” Erdogan said. Erdogan, who stated that the greatest support they will give them when heroic soldiers fight for their lives in the field will be to move the defense industry further, said that they have entered a period in which the defense industry should be more planned, more systematic and medium-long-term action.

President Erdogan continued: We will never tolerate the supply of products that we can produce from abroad. Using the limited resources we have to develop and strengthen our own defense industry is our first priority. I expect maximum efforts from our sector as well as our foundation companies in this regard. In the world, the defense industry has a driving role in the development of all other technologies. Therefore, we must not forget that every investment we make in this area will contribute much more to the development of the country. If we have a serious current account deficit today, the role of the defense industry in minimizing even this current account deficit can never be denied. The acquisition of critical technologies in the defense industry requires identifying roles, properly managing existing capabilities, planning investments, and effective use of capacity.

Erdogan, who said that the goals will be achieved as soon as possible by further improving cooperation, harmony and sharing between institutions in the Defense Industry, stressed that as president, he will continue to provide all kinds of support to the defense sector with an even growing force

Erdogan, who stated that he saw the need for much stronger coordination in the defense industry on the human talent profile, the competence map of research and development centers and the capacity management of companies, wanted the Defense Industry presidency and ministries and institutions to work more closely for this purpose.

All public and private institutions that contribute to the development of the defense industry to act in a close and intimate union, R & D and efficiency is important in terms of the depth of pointing out, President Erdogan continued his speech: the needed authority to provide a clear way of the flow of information between users and producers, is one of the foremost requirements for the sustainable development of the defense industry. It is essential that not only technology, but also investments are planned correctly, avoiding repeated investments and preventing waste of resources. In this context, alternative purchases made outside the Coordination of our defense industry Presidency must be carried out with a prioritized assessment of the capabilities and capabilities at hand. Except in critical situations of vital importance, we must do everything we can to produce or develop ourselves, even if it is not the most ideal. If each institution sets aside the expertise of our Defense Industry president and tries to make its own product supply, duplication and waste becomes inevitable. I also see the benefit of our defense industry presidency in developing its ability to make fast and effective decision-making, design and production planning, as well as supply and delivery.

President Erdogan noted that more resources should be transferred, especially to activities aimed at developing technologies, and in this context, the work done by TUBITAK and similar institutions should be supported more effectively. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “the restructuring of our foundation for strengthening the Turkish Armed Forces in accordance with its contribution to our defense industry can also be considered. As it turns out, we still have a lot of work to do. I hope that by implementing all these issues step by step in a planned way, we will add strength to the strength of our defense industry.” said.

Erdogan spoke at the new system introductions and facility openings ceremony held at Aselsan Gölbaşı campus. Erdogan, who started his words by celebrating the 45th anniversary of Aselsan’s founding, which began its operations on November 14, 1975, thanked everyone who has served in Aselsan since its inception, participated in projects, contributed to the country’s defense industry with his accumulation and labor.