Ankara, Turkey – Aselsan, the leading company in Turkey’ s defense industry, set a new export record during this period when the covid-19 outbreak affected the entire world.

Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, chairman and general manager of Aselsan, made public statements about the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Aselsan and the work of the company.

“Our President will continue to provide all kinds of support to the defense sector with a greater force after that,” he said. In order to be worthy of this support, we will continue to work day and night in the love under the administration of our defense industry presidency.” said.

Dr. Görgün pointed out that the rapid change of technology has changed all the balances in the defense industry and said, “This has not only affected the platforms and systems that our forces need in the field, but also deeply affected all the internal processes that defense industry companies are used to, from the design of products and services developed to the market. Digitalization is real organization, products and processes being at the beginning has settled at the center of its subject and is reshaping the nature of the business.” he made his assessment.

Emphasizing that defense industry companies such as Aselsan need new business styles and processes in areas such as technology, R&D, procurement, industrialization, localization and nationalization, business development and talent management, Dr. Görgün said, “In this process, both the supply and the workforce of Covid-19, the seriousness of this situation increases even more when we see its impact on business style and business conduct. The technology acquisition cycle requires action on three main issues: digital transformation, supply management and workforce talent profile. he spoke.

Dr. Görgün said that with a strong, innovative and visionary organization, they not only produce high-tech products, but also work with all their might to pioneer developments in the world. Dr. Görgün continued as follows:

“As in the defense industry, we have been maintaining our leading position in the employment of highly qualified workforce for many years. We have strengthened our strength with our 2 thousand 100 friends who joined us in the past 2 years and have made a great contribution to our economy in terms of employment. The most successful engineers of our country prefer to support the development of the domestic and national defense industry under the roof of Aselsan and work with all their might. “

“We cannot tolerate anything to be done domestically from abroad.” Dr. Görgün stated that more than 4 thousand suppliers played a major role in Aselsan’s efforts and success in this regard.

Dr. Görgün, thanks to its suppliers, they provide 65 percent of their purchases approaching $ 1.2 billion from within the country, while previously obtained from abroad, nationalized materials that began to be produced in Turkey, more than $ 100 million remains in the country, he said:

“We are grateful to all our valuable business partners who have helped us grow more each quarter, to be one of the 4 companies in the world that are not affected by the Covid-19 process, and to continue our deliveries without interruption.

As we move forward on the path of our President, we are experiencing the positive returns of our work in the field of nationalization that will benefit our country. As a result of nationalization, the amount we have returned from abroad to the country is 848 million liras according to the 3-year projection. 89 percent of our nationalized products were nationalized at more affordable prices compared to foreign prices, and our income as a result of nationalization reached 219 million lira. “

Emphasizing that Aselsan is progressing rapidly towards becoming a global defense industry company, Dr. Görgün stated that they produce in friendly and allied countries with subsidiaries and affiliates operating in various fields of the defense industry, from artificial intelligence to semiconductor technologies.

“We will continue our sustainable and stable marketing activities in global markets without stopping, tiring, for our country, with our wide product range from civil systems to military solutions, 12 foreign subsidiaries, offices and 15 domestic subsidiaries. We will continue to announce liaison offices, maintenance centers, manufacturing facilities, engineering centers and new business partnerships.

With our overseas sales with 6 more countries in 2020, we increased the number of countries we use to 70 in total. In these difficult days, when the pandemic is defined as a ‘unique crisis’, Aselsan has been able to carry out all its work flow and communication to digital platforms long before the pandemic, without interrupting its operations from all over the world, and in addition to new sales, it has provided a record-level foreign currency collection of 327 million dollars. Until the end of the year, an additional $ 90 million in foreign currency collection is expected. As we are in the last quarter of 2020, we are proud to be breaking our new international sales record that we caught the previous year by far this year despite the ongoing pandemic.

Stating that Aselsan’s R&D activities continue without slowing down, Görgün said, “We imagine, design and develop tomorrow’s technologies today, as we have produced today’s technologies.” said.

Dr. Görgün, in the 11th Development Plan, includes artificial intelligence, sensors and imaging technologies, autonomous and robotic systems, directed energy and electro-magnetic launch weapons, broadband network technologies (5G and beyond), invisibility technologies, space technologies, energy and He said that targets such as energy transmission / conversion technologies, bio-defense and health technologies, advanced materials and quantum technologies are among Aselsan’s near-term goals.

“In addition, as Aselsan, we are really happy to see its contribution by transferring our technological depth and accumulation in the defense industry to other areas. We have made significant gains on many issues, such as breathing apparatus. In the Civil field, we develop products such as MR, which few countries in the world can do and require deep technology. In the same way, we are developing signaling solutions for rail systems. Looking from the past to the present, the technology and knowledge produced in the defense industry has given direction to civilian applications. I assess that our country will rise up technologically and economically with the background that our country has come to in the defense industry and the orientations that we will make to the civilian area.”