Ankara, Turkey – Turkey has become a country that is important not only for itself, but also for its friends, noting that Turkey could not allocate 4-5 helicopters to Azerbaijan during the massacre in Kelbajar in 1993. Turkey doesn’t let down those who trust him anymore.

Considering the recent process in Turkistan, former Azerbaijani President Ebulfez Elchibey’s statement when the massacre was carried out in Kelbajar in 1993 drew attention.

Mr. Elchibey had requested a large number of helicopters from Turkey and surrounding countries to rescue civilians there. But no neighboring state has provided such assistance. He stated that only civilians were asked to evacuate. Since then, there has been a very serious development. Turkey, which could not allocate 4-5 helicopters that day, is behind Azerbaijan with all its presence today. This, of course, shows the point where Turkey has come. Also, many years were the years when it was unclear whether the Soviet Union had disbanded. It was a process in which there was concern and fear of Russia that the Red Army would be back in business.

In Western Asia, our relations with America were more comfortable, while in Turkey and the Caucasus there was timidity. Turkey has overcome this timidity with the military capabilities it currently has. Especially in the last 10 years, Turkey showed the world that Azerbaijan is behind him. Therefore, all countries in the region know that now they know that a malicious approach in their relations with Azerbaijan will be responded to with great support by Turkey. Azerbaijan and Turkey now act with the understanding of a nation of 2 States. This is not just a slogan. Perhaps this is the underlying reason why Russia has remained timid and neutral in the conflict process lately. Because he will find Turkey against him. In a statement, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said: ‘F-16s are waiting in Azerbaijan. You can see them in the air in case there’s an attack.’

This shows how much even Azerbaijan trusts Turkey’s support. Recently, serious embargoes were imposed on Azerbaijan by the United States. No guns were sold. In this context, the weapons given by Turkey are very important. It also showed that Turkey is a game changer and a decisive actor in the region. Your military presence in Qatar is the hallmark of Turkey in the balance of the Persian Gulf. In the same way, Turkey determines the game with military elements in areas such as the Red Sea, Africa, Somalia, North Africa.

Turkey’s military capabilities and capacity are growing like snowballs. In the 1990s, Turkey’s national income was about $ 100 billion, and now we are talking about $ 800 billion. In the military context, there is also a turkey that has an external dependence, but falls to 15 percent. At that time, we had a dependence that was close to 100 percent. Today it is a country that produces everything itself. As a country with a high deterrent capacity, Turkey has become a country that is important not only for itself, but also for its friends. Now Turkey does not let down those who trust it,” he said.

While the Turkish Republics seem to be pursuing a little wait-and-see policy in this process, there is still fear of Russia remaining in the region from the Soviet Union. Because Russia is one of the 3 largest countries in the world. Russia also sees its surroundings as a backyard. Therefore, when this happens, the Turkish republics are also a little afraid. But they saw how important Turkey’s support was. They saw how effective Turkey’s deterrent force was. After that, Turkey and the region will accelerate and strengthen the rapprochement between the countries. Turkey will go further than this from regional relations. Because the balance policy between Russia and the United States was followed. Turkey was in the 3rd plan. They thought only the United States would stop Russia. But recent developments have shown that Turkey now has a say in the region. Countries in the region have realized that the United States can no longer be a security provider in the region.

Turkey serves as a new security alternative. Let’s look at the equation in the Gulf, the Red Sea, North Africa and Syria. From the site of Operation Peace spring, the United States has retreated, whether or not. Because in the face of Turkey’s determination, it had no choice. We had a certain area of dominance. Turkey says,’ We have no eyes on anyone’s land and territorial integrity.’ But others have eyes for this geography.

If Turkey is not in this land, it cannot ensure the integrity of its own country. Turkey no longer sees its own security as 786 thousand square kilometers. That’s how the United States ensures its own security. The only condition of being a state is to defend beyond your borders. It’s an old tradition to say that you will defend within your borders. No longer valid is not it. Turkey is now emerging with a new identity according to the new conditions of the world. Turkey is no longer the Old Turkey, he exclaims. It bothers everyone. But they also have to accept it. If Turkey were not in NATO today, NATO would not make sense. Turkey is not a country that lives for itself. He says he’s here for his friends.

After the US elections, there will be no radical change, for the US, Israel’s security is always at the forefront. While the US looks at the region, Israel looks at it from its focus. Having Republicans or Democrats doesn’t change that much. Only Republicans maintain more troubling policies. They pave the way for Israel and do not limit it. Democrats, on the other hand, are acting more restrained. For the United States, there will be no change in the point of recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, US President Joe Biden said. Biden said he would strengthen NATO. If you are going to strengthen NATO, you can’t do it without Turkey. Then you’ll come and say, ’Where Have we been?’ Let Turkey look ahead. In every way, let’s increase our capacity. Let’s write the book of democracy. Turkey will also become a model country for its environment. As long as we look ahead, it doesn’t matter what the US or other countries do.