Ankara, Turkey – Turkey and Greece face off in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, while France, which wants to raise tensions, continues to provoke Greece. Greece is taking brazen steps, relying on France and the EU, while Germany is warning Greece of dialogue with Turkey. While Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration are trying to target Turkey’s resolute stance with EU sanctions, Macron is also very enthusiastic about sanctions. However, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, the EU’s most powerful member, opposes calls for sanctions against Turkey. Merkel has faced heavy criticism from Greece, France and the Greek Cypriot Administration over the sanctions. According to Greek Cypriot media, the EU defends the thesis of dialogue rather than sanctions.

The waters between Turkey and Greece are getting warmer. As Turkey’s diplomatic initiatives continue, Greece escapes the table with its spoiled attitude. France is the country that provoked Greece and supported its arrogant moves. France, Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration are warning the EU of sanctions on Turkey.

France, increasingly weakened in domestic politics, defeated in Libya and no longer an important actor in Syria, is taking an aggressive stance in the Eastern Mediterranean to strip away the leadership of the post-Merkel EU. Macron, who is a party to every anti-Turkey event, provokes the Greek Administration of Greece and Southern Cyprus. These three countries also want sanctions on Turkey in the EU.

Calls by France, Greece and Southern Cyprus for ‘sanctions on Turkey’ have so far been fruitless. Merkel, the German Chancellor, weighed in on the EU and stood by the sanctions decision. Merkel argued that dialogue with Turkey should continue. She suggested that Greece should have a dialogue with Turkey.

Fileleftheros newspaper, known for its close line with the Greek Cypriot Administration, claimed that the Greek Cypriot Leadership, which wants sanctions on Turkey, has been subjected to heavy pressure from the EU, which calls for “dialogue instead of sanctions”.

The paper said Germany, the current EU President, and the European Commission are focused on the start of exploratory talks between Turkey and Greece.

The Greek leader insisted on sanctions against Turkey, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel put the brakes on it.

The report said that the Greek Cypriot Administration can expect ‘sanctions’ from the EU, and that our priority is the start of the Turkish-Greek dialogue.