Athens, Greece – Another has been added to the scandalous statements about Turkey’s tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. “The EU Council will show Turkey its stick very soon,” German Ambassador to Athens Ernst Reichel told the Greek Parliament.

Turkey and Greece continue to make statements that raise tensions in the eastern Mediterranean. Ahead of the summit, where EU leaders will meet on September 24th and 25th, the statement this time came from Germany’s Ambassador to Athens, Ernst Reichel.

Reichel used scandalous analogies about Turkey. “We have a difficult neighbour. This is a problem because there is not only Turkey, but also another difficult neighbor, Russia. We have to convince Turkey. It’s about how to convince him. I think the right answer is the carrot and stick approach. The EU Council will show Turkey its stick very soon, ” he said.

“We are going through a difficult period. The issue of Turkey is very important for the German presidency. This issue is not included in the report we presented when we started our presidency. Because things have changed over time, ” he said.

“Chancellor Merkel considers the Prevention of military conflict, the reduction of tensions and the peaceful determination of naval jurisdictions as her personal matter, ” Reichel said. And so far it has had some success. The research vessel Oruç Reis was towed from Meis. We will soon move on to the next stage of exploratory negotiations,” he said.

The carrot-and-stick approach was recently brought up by the president of the European Council, Charles Michel. “We will identify the tools in our foreign policy that include the carrot-and-stick approach; we will assess what tools it has to improve relations and what tools we should respond to if we are not respected, ” Michel told Reuters. We want to be respected,” he statements he used.