Paris, France – French President Emmanuel Macron said: “I think the talks between Turkey and the EU are beneficial for both sides. A common agenda in the field of Economics and energy may reappear.” said.

Leaders of EU countries bordering the Mediterranean met today on the island of Corsica, led by France.

“We are not naive, but we want to re-establish dialogue with Turkey in good faith,” French President Emmanuel Macron said after the summit, dubbed MED7.

“If progress is not made in the transition to dialogue with Turkey and Turkey does not end its unilateral activities, the European Union is ready to develop a list of additional restrictive measures,” the med7 Forum’s final declaration said.

Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Micotakis said Turkey has until the end of the month to end its natural gas exploration activities in disputed areas.

The European Union (EU) summit of Southern European countries (Med7) was held on the island of Corsica, hosted by France, with the participation of Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus (GKRY) and Greece.

Speaking at a joint press conference after the summit, Macron said: “as EU member states, we must have a constructive policy on the Mediterranean., “he said.

Expressing solidarity with Greece over the fire at the Moria asylum camp on the island of Lesbos, Macron said his country and Germany would accept asylum seekers under the age of 18 from Greece.

Macron said Europe must develop comprehensive policy on migration. Macron said that the migration agreement with Turkey in 2016 must be revived, and that they want the readmission mechanism to be re-enacted.

Macron said that on the Eastern Mediterranean, EU member states have set out a common plan to respect their sovereignty and international law and lower tension.

“We stand in solidarity against (Southern) Cyprus (Greek Administration) and Greece against unilateral provocations and drilling efforts. There is a common will to move the issues of creating dialogue in the region and finding ways to achieve balance to the EU leaders ‘ summit.”Macron, using his statements, noted that they trust Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, and Charles Michel, the president of the EU Council, on this issue.

“Our goal is to establish a normal relationship with Turkey to ensure stability in the region, to end unilateral actions and drilling efforts, to respect the arms embargo in Libya, to negotiate the problems in the region in international media., “he said.

“I think the negotiations between Turkey and the EU are beneficial for both sides. A common agenda in the field of Economics and energy may reappear.”Macron held a head-to-head meeting with Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Micotakis before the summit.

French President Macron said: ‘Turkey is no longer a partner in the Eastern Mediterranean. We must be open and resolute against President Erdogan’s rule,’ he said, asking for sanctions from the EU. Turkey’s foreign minister reacted by saying that ‘Macron’s own weakness and helplessness are an expression’.

Reaction from Cavusoglu

Responding to a French lawmaker, Cavusoglu said that Turkey does not have a problem with the French people, the two countries are allies, and he thinks the same on many issues, such as Syria. Cavusoglu said that (Emmanuel) Macron’s statements included opposition to Turkey, saying that France’s position had changed after Turkey’s operations against the terrorist organization PKK. “Why does France support the PKK, which wants to divide Syria?”he asked me.