Athens, Greece – Greece is discussing possible topics that will be put on the table ahead of possible exploratory talks with Turkey. The ‘disarmament of the islands’ clause in the NSC resolutions caused concern on the Greek front.

A written statement issued after a meeting of the National Security Council (NSC), chaired by President Tayyip Erdogan, caused concern in Greece. Before the exploratory talks, which are expected to begin immediately after the EU summit on October 1-2, the NSC said in a statement that “countries acting contrary to international law and agreements, especially the arming of islands with informal military status, have been invited to sane”, and Greek media reported that “it has become clear that the Turks will bring the issue of the disarmament of the islands to the negotiating table”. It has been suggested that if Turkey insists on discussing this issue, it is impossible to make progress in the exploratory talks.

“Turkey raises various issues. These are not the subject of dispute, but the demands of Turkey. Arming the islands concerns the sovereignty of Greece. If Turkey insists, Greece will be able to benefit very little from the independence talks,” he said.

“Turkey is bringing up the disarmament of the islands, which it considers the strongest trump card against Greece in terms of international law, ” said Angelos Sirigos, a new democracy lawmaker and international relations expert. In this way, he wants to show Greece that he is the party that does not apply international law,” he said. Athens claims that the dialogue with Ankara will be limited only to the determination of maritime authority boundaries in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, while the islands, which must be unarmed in accordance with the 1923 Lausanne and 1947 Paris Agreements, are armed “within the framework of the right to self-defense against the threat it sees from Turkey”.

The situation of vigilance initiated by the Greek Armed Forces ended yesterday due to the opening of the ship’ Oruç Reis ‘ to the Mediterranean Sea. “Our ships have returned to their bases, ” Navy Commander Stefanos Limberis said in a telegram to the crews of warships sailing in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean during the crisis. The crew lived for two months in conditions very close to a real battle. Now rest, ” he said. The permission of Greek soldiers was revoked.

Speaking via video message at the United Nations General Assembly over the Coronavirus outbreak, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said he hoped a partnership could be established by emphasizing dialogue to resolve strained relations with Turkey. “Let’s meet, talk and find an acceptable solution for both sides. Let’s give diplomacy a chance. If we still cannot agree, we must rely on the wisdom of the International Court in the Hague,” he said. “If President Erdogan believes that the UN is really a beacon of hope and a stronghold of global cooperation, I call on him to act in accordance with these values,” Mitsotakis said, noting that the decision to start exploratory talks between the two countries was “a step in the right direction.”