Baku, Azerbaijan – “The war will not always continue. Of course, peace will be achieved. Long-term lasting peace must now be achieved in this region. “Turkey’s clear attitude is very important. Turkey ‘We are on the side of Azerbaijan.’ quoth. It was a warning to many other actors. Turkey should be in the peace process., “he said.

Aliyev’s statements are as follows:

“The Azerbaijani army saved many places from occupation. We are saving our own land by the power of our soldiers.

For 30 years, we have continued negotiations with hope. For 30 years, the promises made to Azerbaijan have not been implemented. Armenia must offer us a timetable for our exit from our territory. We want this problem to be solved peacefully. During the successful operation of our army, a ceasefire is requested. Pashinyan should apologize. Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan should say, “Nagorno- Karabakh is not Armenia’s.”

We did not start this war, we are defending our land. We did not cross into Armenian territory in the Tovuz conflicts.

Historical justice says that Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijani territory.

We have always been positive at the negotiating table.

Securing a ceasefire is not easy. The ceasefire is not being reached unilaterally. There are violent clashes now. Both sides must give instructions. This is a difficult process.

A ceasefire can be reached if the Minsk Group co-chairs and other countries provide it. Turkey is a strong state. It has large capacity worldwide. He’s our neighbor. Turkey should be active in these affairs. I thank my Turkish brothers, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey’s clear attitude is very important. Turkey ‘We are on the side of Azerbaijan.’ quoth. It was a warning to many other actors. Turkey should be in the peace process.

The battle will not always continue. Of course, peace will be achieved. Long-term lasting peace must now be achieved in this region.

France puts itself apart, we don’t. France accused us, can a state conquer its own territory? France voted in 1993. Let France look at its own game.

Turkey has clearly supported us the most.

President Erdogan’s bold statements have been a warning to many countries. From all the stands, we support each other.

Relations with Russia today in many areas are at a very high level. Two countries also approach in terms of strategy partnership relationship. Russia is very responsible for this issue and shows a position as a big country. Positive messages are coming. Russia is not taking any sides.

Why did they make this provocation in July on the border with Azerbaijan? What goals did they have? Armenia had a goal. Armenia wants us to attack them directly. So we can cross their border. Armenia wants Russia to be involved in this process.

Their main goal was to invade the territory of Azerbaijan and pass through the oil pipeline and take control of it. Unable to pass, they retreated and asked for help.

Armenia is experiencing a very deep crisis right now. As a result of this crisis, their political relations broke down. Pashinyan is now jailing dissidents.

The black propaganda against Azerbaijan does not stop for a second. There are several reasons. First, the Armenian Lobby is always operating against us. They’re trying to smear us, ruin our image. Armenian lobbies exist in many countries of the world. They’re attacking us. They’re making up lies that we’re not. During this period of conflict, the Armenian Lobby dispels all its power and reveals its black propaganda, but it does not stick to us.

The French President called us twice, and I said,’ show us evidence.’ He says he has’ intelligence information’.

We have intelligence on the PKK in Karabakh. The PKK is being brought to the border. They receive training and instruction. In today’s world. The odds are huge. We’re not putting forward determinations that don’t reach 100 percent.

Turkey’s F-16 plane shot down Armenian plane, they said. These black propaganda members put it out there. They threw mud at us, smeared us. Then it was seen to be a lie. As apologize.

Turkey’s high-ranking Sikhs have reduced their casualties. These UCAVs show the potential of Turkey and strengthen us. UCAVs prevented our loss of life. More people could have perished. These show the potential of the Turkish people. We are a very happy country that we have an ally, a brother like Turkey. The fact that we have the moral support and defense products that Turkey has shown us strengthens us. Turkey is the second country in NATO. No one can stand against the Turkish army. Everybody saw that. And no one will stand in front of us.

It has once again shown that Armenia is a terrorist country. It is unacceptable to shoot civilians, to shoot civilian cities. Ganja has no balls, no tanks. Why are you hitting me? Azerbaijani and Turkish hatred is in their blood.

I appealed to the Armenian people. It’s not easy to tell them that. Because Armenia shot you. A country within the framework of two societies. There are many Armenians in Azerbaijan today. An Armenian was injured in an Armenian attack in ganja. We have no problem with the Armenian people. The Pashinyan regime has put its own people in danger. In many countries, Armenians and Azerbaijanis live together. In Georgia, Turkey, Russia. Why shouldn’t they live here? They already lived together. We want to live together again, like a neighbor. I hope that after this occupying politics is put to an end, our citizens will live together.

My father’s path is the path of light for us. It is my duty to continue his politics. I said that I will continue through Heydar Aliyev in the oath-taking ceremony, and I will not return this way. There was pressure on him, too. He responded to the pressures. He did not accept anything that harmed the Azerbaijani people.”