Ankara, Turkey – Defense Industry presidency, the first P-72 naval patrol aircraft within the scope of the breeze-3 project was delivered to the Navy Command at a ceremony.

The first P-72 naval patrol aircraft in the Meltem-3 project, carried out by the presidential Defense Industry presidency (SSB), was delivered to the Naval Forces Command at a ceremony.

SSB according to a statement from the breeze by the project of supply under the inventory of naval forces into the 6 p-235 maritime patrol aircraft to the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, where Turkey has strategic and national interests in continental shelf waters of the Turkish Armed Forces serve as an element successfully.

In the third phase of the Breeze project, it is aimed to supply 6 ATR72-600 aircraft to be used in maritime surveillance and naval outpost missions and to integrate the mission equipment supplied within the framework of the Breeze project into the aircraft.

The first P-72 naval patrol aircraft to enter the Navy’s inventory at the ceremony will be an important force multiplier for the control and protection of the “Blue homeland” with more than 8,300 kilometers of coastline.

As part of the Breeze project, the number of naval patrol aircraft will increase to 12 when deliveries are completed.

P-72 naval patrol aircraft

P-72 maritime patrol aircraft, advanced radar systems, electronic support measures, acoustic processing systems, tactical data links 11 and 16, MK46 and MK54 torpedo are integrated in critical systems such as the ability to transport and dispose.

Thanks to this system, aircraft, submarine warfare, surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, over the horizon targeting, search and rescue, to undertake important tasks such as.

In addition to new features, such as the Link 235 system, MK54 torpedo transport and throwing, which are not available on P-16 aircraft, the P-72 aircraft will have the ability to perform missions for a longer period of time.

Following the delivery of the first naval patrol aircraft, it is planned that in 2021, an additional two naval patrol aircraft and another naval general purpose aircraft will be delivered to the Navy Command.

Role of domestic and national industry in the project

Intensive participation of Turkish industry was also ensured in the project. Detail parts production, aircraft modification, material supply, ground and flight test support and integrated logistics support activities were carried out by TUSAŞ.

Equipment supply was provided by Aselsan. The aircraft have Link 11 and Link 16 systems developed by MILSOFT. The naval outpost was updated by ground station HAVELSAN to provide support for P-72 aircraft.

To date, SSB has made many systems ready for service with the goal of improving the capabilities and capabilities of the Naval Forces. Many air, sea, submarine and logistics projects are also underway that will add strength to the Naval Command’s combat and logistics field.

In 2021, it is planned to launch a 3-year logistical support service of mission systems belonging to naval patrol aircraft and provide the necessary support to the Navy Command in the operation and maintenance of the supplied systems.

The first P-72 naval patrol aircraft was delivered to the Navy Command at a ceremony. The first P-72 naval patrol aircraft to enter service will be an important force multiplier for the Control and protection of the Blue Homeland.