Helsinki, Finland – Finland’s 34-year-old prime minister Sanna Marin has caused controversy in the country with her braless, cleavage-free photos she shared on her social media account. Many of those who saw the exchange did not attribute this exchange to someone who was in this position, but some also posed in similar clothes to show their support for him.

Sanna Marin, Finland’s Social Democratic Prime Minister, mixed up the calm Scandinavian country with her pose for fashion magazine Trendi. Marin wore a dark blazer and walked in front of the camera without a bra in it.

This post on the magazine’s social media account soon began to receive comments. Some of the commentators did not attribute this situation to Marin’s position, while some users showed their support with the same pose, that is, a photo taken without a blazer and bra.

Many newspapers responded to this agenda on the internet by defending the young prime minister. Some even wrote that Marin was the most beautiful prime minister in the world.

Support for criticism of Prime Minister Marin.

Marin’s female supporters in particular formed a campaign to pose the same. Soon after, under the hashtag #imwithsanna (I’m with Sanna), dozens of female social media users shared a similar pose given by Marin.

Conservatives in Finland are furious about Marin’s decision. Some even shared the pose of Urho Kekkonen, who has long presided over the controversy, and his hipster-style attire. Along with this share, we were reminded of the unorthodox and strange photos of Finnish leaders.

Anu Koivunen, a media academic at the University of Tampere and Professor of Gender Studies, paid tribute to former prime minister Alexander Stubb for widening the boundaries of what a Finnish politician would look like in 2014-2015. Active in sports where physical endurance is at the forefront, Stubb would often compete in tight, short shorts and swimsuits, where he participated in marathons and triathlons.

Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, was raised by a single mother. After finishing high school, Marin received a good university education in Finland and has been serving as prime minister since 2019. Marin also made history as the world’s youngest prime minister.