Athens, Greece – Greece is preparing to test its S-300 air and missile defense system. It is worth noting that NATO member countries have remained silent about the planned test shooting at the NATO shooting site in Crete.

According to security sources, the Greek Armed Forces are preparing to test the S-300 air and missile defense system stationed in Crete Square. Greece, which is preparing to conduct test shots at the NATO-affiliated firing range on the island of Crete, is reportedly working on plans to modernize the system and bring it closer to the capabilities of the S-400 system.

The system, supplied by the Greek Cypriot Administration from Russia, was transferred to Greece by the GKRY in 1997 in exchange for some military equipment after Turkey’s reaction.

The system, which had been informally active for a long time, was activated in 2013 after the completion of maintenance repairs. The system, which was previously test-fired on December 13, 2013, is scheduled to be the second test-fired after the previous 7 years.

Security experts have reacted to the failure of NATO member states to sound out Greece’s planned test shot.

Describing it as a” hypocritical approach”, experts noted the serious air and missile threat facing Turkey.

Turkey’s current and vital in order to address security concerns, technology transfer, delivery schedule, price and supply as a necessity in accordance with the principles of the current common manufacturing such as S-400 long-range air defense system, indicating that the supplying regional experts stressed that can not be explained by the threat of sanctions against Turkey on this issue.

Experts also called it remarkable that those who speak out against Turkey remain silent on Greece’s activities.