Brussels, Belgium – Turkey accuses Greece of ‘lying’ EU signs ‘reward or punishment’ for Turkey. Greece’s harsh statements about the meeting were met with backlash in Turkey. Cavusoglu said NATO announced the proposal for the talks after receiving approval from Greece. ” It is Greece itself that is lying here, ” he said. NATO announced yesterday that the military delegations of the two countries had begun technical talks.

Conflicting statements from the parties follow after NATO announced that Turkey and Greece had agreed to hold technical talks to establish conflict-prevention mechanisms in the region in the struggle for influence and energy in the Eastern Mediterranean. Along with these high tension statements, NATO announced yesterday that military technical talks between the parties had begun.

“Reducing tensions is possible with the immediate withdrawal of all Turkish ships from Eastern Mediterranean,” Greek diplomatic sources said, referring to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s statement the previous day. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Micotakis said yesterday that “Turkey must put an end to its threats so that talks on lowering high tension in the Eastern Mediterranean can begin.”

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Stoltenberg had met with Greece the previous day before making a statement and announced that “a compromise has been reached for technical talks between the two countries” after Greece gave “consent”. “It is not the Secretary General of NATO who is lying here, but Greece itself, and Greece has once again shown that it is not in favor of dialogue. We’ve been through this in the past, so we’re not surprised,” he said.

Cavusoglu, NATO’s statement that “Turkey and Greece have agreed to hold technical talks”, Turkey’s opinion was asked and said “Gladly” in response. He noted that Stoltenberg also responded positively to the question, “Can we explain this?” Cavusoglu noted that it is “natural” for NATO to attempt to avoid any conflicts or accidents between the two countries.

‘Dendias said no’

“Hysterical behavior does not help anyone, ” Cavusoglu said, noting that France is the country that provokes Greece the most. It makes France look ridiculous. He needs to stop this behavior and talk about how we can cooperate with us,” he said.

A similar initiative was made by the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, Cavusoglu said, “We also said ‘yes’ to such an offer. We said,’ We can meet in a neutral place, ‘ but we will meet without preconditions. Later, Borrell said that Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias would also meet. Then we found out Dendias said no, ” he said.

‘No consensus yet’

As for whether Borrell has an initiative on the Eastern Mediterranean, he said: “Borrell has been making efforts from the beginning. We met in Malta. In fact, we got the news of the agreement that Greece signed with Egypt when we were in Malta. We saw how upset Borrell was there, how surprised he was,” he said.

He noted that Borrell’s efforts on this issue continued afterward, and he clearly and honestly conveyed the developments to all foreign ministers in the NATO and EU meetings. “We support the attempts of the NATO Secretary-General to start a meeting between the soldiers,” said National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, speaking at the graduation ceremony of the National Defense University, which included Libyan Defense Minister Saladin Namroush.

Akar, who stated that they are fulfilling what needs to be done to protect interests in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Cyprus, said: “we call dialogue. We are not in favour of war,” he said. Akar, who noted that they want two peoples to live in accordance with international law, said: “it is perceived as a weakness. When we say that we will not compromise our rights, we say that it is wrong to perceive it as a threat,” he said.

“Technical talks have begun between the military delegations of Turkey and Greece, and no agreement has yet been reached,” NATO said yesterday. “After my meetings with the Turkish and Greek leaders, the two allied countries have already met for technical talks in NATO. The aim of these talks is to create mechanisms to prevent military conflict. These are not negotiations on disputes between Turkey and Greece, but technical negotiations. These are the works that will complement the German-led political mediation efforts,” he said.

Heavy rhetoric from EU, “EU just now became Crusader alliance”

President Erdogan: EU is ‘Crusader Alliance’ lying to us

European Union (EU) Council President Charles Michel’s words that a decision on the “carrot-stick” approach to Turkey will be taken at the leaders ‘ summit scheduled for September 24-25. “”We will identify tools in our external policy, a sticks and carrots approach – what tools to use to improve the relationship and what tools to react (with) if we are not being respected,” he said. “We want to be respected.”

Michel proposed a multilateral conference to reduce tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. EU High Representative Josep Borrell said the union was preparing new sanctions against Turkey in retaliation for the crisis, which could be addressed at the leaders ‘ summit.