Brussels, Belgium – The European Union has announced an illegal search on a Turkish ship as part of Operation Irini. EU Commission spokesman Peter Stano suggested that operation Irini officials suspected a violation of the UN embargo on Libya due to the course of the Turkish-flagged ship “Roseline A” and said they found nothing illegal on board.

European Union (EU),as part of Operation Irini, regarding the illegal search on a Turkish ship in the Mediterranean, Turkey requested its consent for the search, the search was conducted on the ship when the approval did not come during the specified time, and no illegal material was found.

EU Commission spokesman Peter Stano said that because of the course of the Turkish-flagged ship “Roseline A”, operation Irini officials suspect that the UN embargo on Libya has been violated.

Before the call, the Irini operation as the Flag Country of Turkey to get the consent of the Turkish Foreign Ministry 4 hours in advance notice, Stano said, the Irini operation officials in Italy, the center of the operation of Turkey’s Embassy in Rome at the request of the agreement to extend this period by 1 hour, he said.

“Operation Irini came on board and searched the ship in accordance with international procedures, including NATO procedures,” Stano said, claiming that there was no response from Turkey last time.” the phrase used.

No illegal material found

“There was no evidence of illegal material on the ship at that time, and the ship was allowed to continue on its way,” said Stano, who later reported that the search was stopped when Turkey officially notified operation Irini that it had not allowed the search.”he explained.

Operation Irini was authorized by the EU to contribute to the UN embargo on Libya, Stano said, adding that UN resolutions bind all UN members, including Turkey, and call for cooperation with the flag countries of the ships.

Turkey’s harsh response to illegal search

“The EU has once again registered that it is biased with the latest operation Operation Irini, which it launched without consulting the legitimate Libyan government, NATO and our country,” Vice President Fuat Oktay said on his Twitter account. I strongly condemn the unlawful intervention of a German frigate against our freighter as part of this controversial operation, which does not control arms support for the coup leader Haftar, but rather aims to punish the legitimate Libyan government.”he made his assessment.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy also said that the intervention on the ship was carried out without Turkey’s consent, “operation Irini is a biased operation. The coup is an attempt to punish the legitimate Libyan government, which does not control the arms support that comes to Haftar, and practices arbitrarily.”he used the phrase.

Operation Irini

Operation Irini is a controversial operation launched in the Mediterranean by the European Union (EU) to oversee the UN arms embargo on Libya.

Although consultation and permission with the National memorandum government, which is included in UNSC resolution 2292 as the legitimate government, is required, operation Irini, launched, reacts as a biased and illegal operation.

Some European countries do not give a voice to the operation in order to benefit from EU funds, while some countries that are more bold are withdrawing from the operation, putting their reactions to it.