Brussels, Belgium- Greece, Greek Cypriots, France’s dirty treacherous ambitions, who plan to drive the EU over Turkey as a “battering ram”, have been hit. The EU acknowledged that Turkey has always been in constructive engagement with a peaceful diplomatic theory of international relations in southeast Europe.

At the European Union (EU) leaders ‘summit, France, Greece and Southern Cyprus’ request for heavy sanctions against Turkey was not approved. In the general conclusion statement, it was stated that the EU side insists on reducing tensions so that the independence talks between Turkey and Greece can resume, while the EU has a strategic interest in developing its relations with Turkey.

As the EU leaders ‘ summit in Brussels continued, It was announced that a compromise had been reached after hours of negotiations on the part of the final statement related to Turkey, and the relevant part of the statement was shared.

In a statement, Turkey’s unilateral steps and provocations continues its rhetoric against the EU claimed to have raised by returning a note of Oruc Reis vessel to the port of Antalya for the start of exploratory talks between Turkey and Greece, which was lowering the tension in the EU, stated that he was insistent.

In the statement, the EU has a strategic interest in developing relations based on mutual interest and cooperation with Turkey:

“If Turkey shows its readiness to support a real partnership with the EU and its members, to resolve differences in accordance with dialogue and international law, the positive Turkey-EU agenda is still on the table. Such an agenda will cover areas of economy and trade, contact between peoples, high-level dialogue and ongoing cooperation on migration. The EU Council stresses the importance of keeping the communication channels between the EU and Turkey open.”

It has been reported that the EU will be ready to continue providing financial assistance to Syrians in Turkey and on migration management.

On 11 November 2019, the statement called on the Council of the EU to add to the previously prepared list on the basis of a restrictive injunction on Turkey’s “alleged unauthorized” search activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In addition, EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell and the EU Commission were asked to submit a report on the state of Turkey-EU political, economic and trade relations by the March 2021 summit, as well as on the tools and options for how to proceed, including expanding the scope of the decision to add to the list.

The statement also condemned the opening of part of the closed Maras and argued that UN Security Council resolutions should be respected.

“The same is expected from Turkey,” the statement said, noting that the EU supports the rapid resumption of negotiations on the settlement of the Cyprus problem within the framework of the UN, under the auspices of the UN.

The EU Council also asked EU High Representative Josep Borrell to move forward with his proposal for a multilateral conference on the Eastern Mediterranean.

“The EU will aim to co-ordinate with the United States on issues related to Turkey and the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.” the statement said.