Ankara, Turkey – Tension with Greece in Mediterranean and Aegean. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu made important statements about the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cavusoglu responded to the Greek Foreign Minister’s remarks, saying: ‘If Greece trusts itself, if it has the courage, let it come to the table. Let him say he’s right there in front of everyone. Of course, we have something to say, and that’s what Greece is afraid of.’

Lines from Minister Çavuşoğlu’s statements:

Greece has recently made it clear that it is not in favor of dialogue, saying ‘no’ to all initiatives, both in NATO and within the EU. We have supported all initiatives and made it clear that we are open to dialogue.

We once again said that we support NATO’s offer with our statement, but Greece refused. We describe our theses in a very beautiful way. We speak within the framework of international law. There are many contested regions in the world, we tell them all how these problems were solved, but Greece does not agree.

They are constantly aggressive, as they have lost psychological superiority because they have not been able to excel on the field and on the table. Greece is not sincere, and EU countries are tired of now Greece’s attitudes.

Our exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean is conducted in accordance with NATO rules.

Today, the court of human rights criticised Greece for not enforcing its rulings. There are 3 decisions of the ECHR regarding the Turks of Western Thrace.

We are not surprised by the statements of Greece and the foreign ministry, but they are an example. Today, terrorists roam the streets of Greece comfortably. We don’t allow anyone like that.

If Greece trusts itself, if it has the courage, let it come and sit at the table. Let him say he’s right there in front of everyone. Of course, we have something to say, and that’s what Greece is afraid of.

Greece admits: we made two important mistakes, they are tired of us

At Macron’s instigation, the Greek government, which has escalated tensions in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, began to receive criticism from the ‘insider’. “Erdogan is a strategic mind,” said Liana Kanelli, a Communist lawmaker. On the other hand, US Bloomberg compared the Turkish and Greek navies in its article “Turkey is building a Navy that will be a regional power”. Greek officials could not comment…

As Turkey’s Oruç Reis seismic research ship continues its operations in the Eastern Mediterranean, in response to harsh statements by Greek officials, some names in Athens made exits criticizing Greek theses.

‘We have made two significant mistakes’

“France is in the Eastern Mediterranean, not for us, but for Libya, ” Liana Kanelli, a member of Parliament for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), told Skai TV. No one is dying for the interests of Greece. In my opinion, we made two significant communication errors. First, we said,’ (President) Erdogan is like this, Erdogan is like this.’ Yet Erdogan is a strategic mind that has stood by his moves for his country, inside and out, for 20 years. Second, Turkey is a regional superpower,” she said. Kanelli is opposed to Greece’s EU and NATO membership.

‘Europe is fed up with us!

Hristos Papahristu from Ta Nea Newspaper:

“Greece has two options ahead of it. First, a short-lived War. There is a danger here that the Turks will attack the island of Meis. It takes 50-60 years of negotiation to get it back. Option two, dialogue. There is also the danger of a heavy ‘political defeat’ here. In other words, it is a process in which Turkey will make constant demands and Greece will have to make concessions.
Constantly saying ‘(President) Erdogan provokes, attacks ‘ is neither realism nor has anything to do with reality. Every time Erdogan provokes and threatens, running to Europe is not a solution either. How long will Europe tolerate us? They’re sick of us. We have convinced each other that we are right and that Turkey is wrong. We need to be realistic. Otherwise, we can see our backs on the wrestling mat and Europe as the referee counting down to the end of the match.”

‘Let’s not follow Macron’

Kostas Iordanidis from Kathimerini Newspaper:

“(French President) Macron’s feud with Erdogan undoubtedly gives Greece and the GCA a sigh of relief. The essence of this strategic contention is who will fill the vacuum of the United States, which is supposed to withdraw from the region.

It is dangerous for Greece to give the impression that France is integrating with its goals in the region. France’s support for Greece during this period is undoubtedly important. But breaking the course in Macron’s direction should be nothing short of temporary. Because integration with the desires of any allied country outside NATO poses dangers that cannot be predicted.”