Ankara, Turkey – “Azerbaijan acted quickly to respond to Armenia’s attacks and save Karabakh from occupation. So far, many settlements in Karabakh have been liberated from occupation. Turkey is determined to use all the opportunities it has to disrupt this bloody unfair and unlawful game,” he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the remarks after a Cabinet meeting. Referring to the fight against the corona virus, Erdogan said about the domestic vaccine study;

Domestic vaccine development has reached a fairly advanced level. In this sense, we are justified in turning investments and supports into actions one by one.

13 separate studies had been started. 5 of them are approaching the human work phase. Our company has a capacity of 20 million doses per month.

As a second company completes its production infrastructure, this figure can rise to more than 50 million doses per month. A thousand doses of the vaccine will be produced next month for human studies.

Addressing the fight against terrorism, Erdogan said;

When we take a map in front of us and look at the crises that have occurred especially in the last 10 years, we see that Turkey is trying to be under siege in full terms. Of course, we pay the price, and the pain of every martyr we give in the fight against terrorism is fresh in our hearts, as on the first day. Turkey is experiencing the most successful period in its history in the fight against terrorism. We break the chains of the siege one by one.

We have broken the policy of excluding our country from all regional and global issues and subjecting only the measures taken to the decisions taken. Today, Turkey is in an honorable and influential position in regional and world politics. Today, Turkey, as the conscience of humanity, has the will to speak and listen to everything.

Today, Turkey has reached a level that can support and stand behind all its friends and brothers together with it. We will soon be repaid for our troubles. The natural gas reserve we discovered in the Black Sea is the first gospel of this.

For the last 7 years, we have never compromised our 2023 goals because of the attacks we have been subjected to. We are saving our country from crises and bringing it closer to its goals.

Erdogan, who also mentioned the Azerbaijan-Armenia tensions that have continued for 8 days, gave a message of support to Azerbaijan. Erdogan used the following expressions;

Recently, the most important event in our region is the attempts of the occupying Armenia on the territory of Azerbaijan.

Moreover, in Karabakh, not only the occupation, but also the disgrace of humanity, massacres were carried out. The massacres of Armenians were left unpunished.

The Minsk Group, formed by the United States, France and Russia, did not solve the problem. The brotherly Azerbaijani people have suffered both the occupation and its losses for many years. So far, the settlement in Karabakh has been liberated from occupation.

As Turkey, we say that we have been on Azerbaijan’s side since the beginning. It is the duty of every state to support Azerbaijan to save its territory.

The international community was silent when the territory of Karabakh and Azerbaijan was occupied.

Turkey is determined to disrupt this unfair, illegal, ugly game of power and facilities at its disposal. For this, we say at the UN, ‘the world is bigger than 5’.

This is what we have done in the struggle to save Karabakh and the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.