Ankara, Turkey – US-based media outlet Bloomberg has tabled tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. “His actions to date have only led to his further contempt by Turkey,” he said in an article harshly criticized Macron. Macron has two options ahead of him. Raise the bar or shut up,” Bloomberg said.

Turkey’s crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean with Greece and France does not fall off the agenda of the world media. The article, published in US-based Bloomberg with the signature Bobby Gosh, featured striking detections.

“Macron once again attacks his Turkish counterpart with his words over the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. But his words will not be enough to break Erdogan’s power. His verbal attacks were repeated so many times that he lost his influence.”

‘You have two options’

In the continuation of the article, the highlights are as follows:

  • Just a few weeks ago, Macron said he had already drawn red lines, arguing that ‘Turkey understands not words but actions’. So far, his actions, such as participating in military exercises or organizing summits, have only led to him being further underestimated by Turkey. Macron has two options ahead of him. Raise the bar or shut up.

Does not dissuade Turkey

  • France can send more warships to the region. But it cannot expect the support of other NATO allies against one ally. Such a possible step would not result in Erdogan abandoning his targets and withdrawing drilling and warships. It also seems unlikely that Trump will take tougher measures against Erdogan.

It doesn’t suit Merkel

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to find a result in negotiations on the tension between Turkey and Greece. Although the EU has warned that sanctions could be imposed against Turkey, it seems unlikely that Merkel will implement them. Macron’s saber-rattling, while he himself is striving for a peaceful solution, hardly fits Merkel’s position.

End to verbal warfare

Macron has other crises to deal with. Cases of the corona virus are growing alarmingly in the country, with criticism that it has not been able to effectively fight the pandemic. Under the circumstances, Macron should put an end to his verbal battle over disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean and leave the conversation to the German Prime Minister.