Edirne, Turkey – In Edirne, special coronavirus measures have been taken in cooperation with the governor’s office and the municipality for tourists coming for daily shopping from Bulgaria, where coronavirus cases have increased in recent days. At the entrance from the Kapikule border crossing, the fires of tourists whose vehicles are disinfected are measured, masks and hygiene kits are distributed.

After Bulgaria lifted the quarantine process as of September 1 2020, the number of Bulgarians coming to Edirne for daily shopping increased every day. As the number of cases has increased in Bulgaria in recent days, coronavirus measures for tourists have been raised to the highest level by the governorship and municipality in Edirne.

Edirne Governorate, Bulgarian tourists enter the country at the Kapikule border crossing by disinfecting their vehicles, measuring fire and providing kits with masks and hygiene materials. The municipality, on the other hand, makes announcements in Bulgarian, disinfects shopping places together with the prefectural teams and distributes free masks to tourists.

“We went shopping,” said Tulay Uğurlu, who came from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We got everything we needed. We come all the time because the prices are affordable. Especially we get a lot of food stuff. We got everything to wear, everything to eat. We buy it here because it’s cheap. We’re about 250 kilometers away. The quality is also good, so we come and shop here. Every time we come, we shop for 3 – 4 thousand pounds, ” he said.

Aksal Sen, who came to Edirne for shopping from the city of Varna, said that he found coronavirus measures very good, “I came to shop. We’ll take what’s right for the price. Here many times the quality better. Corona measures at border crossings are very good. Especially in Edirne, the measures are very, very good compared to Bulgaria,” he said.

Okan Duygulu, who came from the city of Kardzhali, also noted that they found the applications on the spot, “it is very nice to be greeted like this on the entrance to Turkey. At least a mask is given and disinfected, and we remember the precautions. There are no measures in Bulgaria,” he said.

Cüneyt Auburn said, ” the measures in Turkey are pretty good, but there are no in Bulgaria, this is the place. No one uses a mask. At the entrance to Turkey, our vehicle is disinfected and the mask is distributed. Even this is an indication that it is being taken seriously,” he said.

Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan said they had taken special coronavirus measures with the governor’s office for tourists from Bulgaria. Gurkan said that shopping places are constantly disinfected, they give free masks and disinfectants, “Edirne has demonstrated a fully integrated example of work with all institutions since the first day of the pandemic. For example, at our meeting on September 1 2020, when Bulgaria opened the border crossing, we started an application with our governor; we give free masks and disinfectants to every citizen arriving from Bulgaria. I don’t know if this exists anywhere else in Turkey. Again, with these integrated works, you will see Bulgarian posters all over the city. There are banners in Bulgarian on all sides, leaflets warning our Bulgarian guests about cleanliness, masks and distance, so that they can understand in their own language. We have banners and banners at the entrance of every shop in Bulgarian, in absolute Bulgarian, that they follow the rules, do not walk without a mask, that the mask is mandatory in open areas and if it is not observed, criminal action will be applied,” he said.

Bulgarian tourists posters, announcements through the speakers of Bulgarian, as well as the stimulus of the city stating that they did Gürkan, “stop it we recently for a week, especially in heavily Bulgarians coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday days consists of serious congestion. Two hours on weekdays, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we are making announcements on the city’s Turkish and Bulgarian speakers, cleansing, mask, and about the distance. We also make announcements every 15 minutes in Sunday places to remind them. Of course, you know, the number of cases has also increased in Bulgaria. We are also constantly conducting inspections of our Bulgarian citizens, we see that they are largely obeyed. Criminal proceedings are also being carried out against those who do not comply,” he said.