Ankara, Turkey – “ULAK domestic base stations compatible with 4G network are currently produced locally and nationally, they are used in our country. We also take measures related to the 5G network to encourage domestic and national production. Here are important decisions of the Ministry of Transport and infrastructure, BTK. In accordance with these decisions, we will achieve the production of 5G products locally and nationally, especially in the coming period. Today we have achieved an important step. We did a successful test, we found that 4K videos came successfully from 12 kilometers.”

Varank noted that teydeb made a significant contribution to the funding of the project, and noted that the capabilities of TUBITAK institutes from the past were also transferred to the project.

Varank stated that the Presidential Office of digital transformation also provided coordination in the project and made the following assessment:

“Our private sector and universities are the main contractors of this work, and they are also achieving very important achievements. By capturing such achievements in our project in the coming period, we will have eliminated a significant deficit in Turkey and found a solution to a critical security problem. With the completion of this project, we will be able to use our domestic and national devices all over Turkey with the successful products we have obtained.”

Varank said that they want domestic and national products developed such as Radiolink to be used by operators, he said::

“BTK has decided that the products should be domestic and national. There are those who use products from abroad or what global companies produce in Turkey. We will question issues such as how domestic they are, whether the products are produced in Turkey or whether their integration is done, and we will take our next steps in the project in this way.”

Varank, who also informed that negotiations are continuing with operators, said that in the next period, the Radiolink tender will be held, especially for the countryside that does not have the internet, where all elements will be put on the table.

Varank, pointing out that they will ensure the use of domestic and national products here, “probably in the first quarter of next year, when these negotiations are completed, the tender will be terminated.” said.

Koç, head of the presidential Digital Transformation Office, said that Radiolink is one of the 4 layers of the project and said, “Radiolink will be an indispensable part of all 4G and 5G infrastructures. The fact that this is domestic and National is our ‘turkey’s data will remain in Turkey.’it fits our motto very well. In this sense, we will continue to provide coordination. We will make every effort to make the other 3 layers localized and used by all our operators., “he said.

BTK President Karagözoğlu also noted that as an institution, they are working on organizing the work and adding the products produced by operators within the scope of the project to their own structure, and said that they are proud to bring together companies with HTK.

Emphasizing that companies in the cluster will also work to achieve serious success in the international arena, Karagozoglu noted that they also make serious efforts to train human resources in the field of 5G.