Istanbul, Turkey – Do Greeks like to whistle in a cemetery? As if the Greek Prime Minister, Mitsotakis, had solved all of his country’s problems and saved Greece from Germany’s mortgage, now it is time for him to start a war with Turkey. This irresponsible provocative action would be the end of Greece’s “Megalo Idea” dream for ever. The decision to increase Greek territorial waters from 6 miles to 12 miles clearly shows that Mitsotakis’ Greece is itching and deserving a timely catastrophic blow as the clocks heading to the critical moments again, August 30. Mitsotakis should recall his “Asia Minor” catastrophic adventure of Megalo Idea that happened in his history. After France’s Macron fueled the Greek enthusiasm for the Eastern Mediterranean, Mitsotakis thinks it’s time to sail off for the Islands Sea. No need to worry, Turkey will do what it takes to completely and eternally neutralize Greece’s false Megalo Idea dreams.

Coming August 30

What makes it conceivable to provoke Turkey so openly as August 30 approaches. Was the 1924 military coup in Athens not the result of Greece’s dreams of targeting Turkey before that? Didn’t the leaders of those who pushed Turkey into the war of independence and then fled Anatolia get shot in Athens? Or was it because of the Cyprus campaign in 1974 that the junta of Colonels in Greece ended?

Islands armed

Would it help to remind Micotakis and certain Greek functionaries of recent history? Or, no matter what, does Greece plan to wage a war with Turkey? One wonders if in this case we will have to use the arming of the 12 islands as a pretext and capture the ones close to the Anatolian land? Greece has armed the islands in violation of international law. Greece will receive the necessary recompense it deserves for this aggressive move.

President Erdoğan had spoken

Is Micotakis unaware of President Erdoğan’s speech on the anniversary of Malazgirt? One thinks it would be useful to remind Mitsotakis of parts of this speech: “their pursuit of false bravado in the Islands Sea is nothing more than a manifestation of the psychology of whistling in the graveyard. We have never given in to the oppressor. No matter what they do, no matter what ugly plot they try. They’ll find millions every time. Everyone will see that Turkey is no longer a country whose patience will be tested.”

“We take our share”

“If we say we will do, we will. We’ll pay whatever the cost is. Because we are not guests in this land. Whatever is on this land is the work of those who lie beneath it. We invite our interlocutors to straighten themselves out and to stay away from the wrongs that will lead to their destruction. Turkey will take whatever it has right in the Mediterranean and the Islands Sea.”