Ankara, Turkey – In the article sent by YÖK (Council of Higher Education) to all university rectorates, it was stated that in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health as part of the fight against the Covid-19 global epidemic, various regulations were made on measures to be taken by public institutions and organizations in their areas and they were put into practice. In the article, it was reminded that the higher education institutions published a “new guide to normalization in the global epidemic” containing the framework decisions of the YÖK on the measures to be taken.

Generating a resume for the supply of educational institutions of higher education for students healthy wide initiative in recognition of the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and data sharing with the public their bodies in the faculties and the Centers for Disease Control and epidemic regions and provinces of the units taking into consideration the nature of education and Training Boards have the opportunity to take a decision on the competent in terms of sustainability expressed in the paper, in recent days, Covid-19 significant increases in the number of patients seen were recorded.

Remote and Digital Teaching Methods

In the article, the Ministry of Health’s guidance on measures to be taken in order to effectively combat the epidemic and ease the burden of health workers is important, noting that the Ministry of Health was asked about the opinion of the Provincial Pandemic Boards or Provincial Public Hygiene Boards on the continuation of education and training activities in the fall semester at universities. On this article of the Ministry of Health; it was reported that it recommended that education and training be carried out in the fall semester, not face-to-face and in the same environments, but by remote and digital teaching methods, and that practical training be continued by taking the necessary measures, if possible, if postponement cannot be postponed.