Paris, France – Demonstrations were held in France against President Emmanuel Macron’s administration and the government’s economic and social policies.

At the urging of several unions, such as the General Confederation of business (CGT), hundreds of activists gathered in the capital Paris ‘ Republique Square and marched to The Nation Square.

Demonstrators reacted to the economic and social policies of Macron and the government, as well as the dismissal of employees in many sectors in the outbreak of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Demonstrators chanted anti-Macron and anti-government slogans and carried banners, saying that the government should support companies and those who are in an economically difficult situation due to the epidemic.

Sofi Ramambason, one of the activists who chanted” Macron, We are here even if you don’t want to, ” told Reuters that they were rallying against the inequalities of the Macron administration, for social justice and Tax Equality.

Ramambason said, ” Everyone here is fighting the same fight. I believe that one day the people will prevail., “he said.

Intensive security measures were taken at the action, which also involved student unions, left-wing politicians and yellow vests.

On the other hand, employees of the RATP company, which regulates public transport in Paris, and the French National Railways Company, went on partial strike against the government’s social policies.

The strike caused partial disruption to public transport and intercity train services.

In addition to Paris, strikes and demonstrations were also held in cities such as Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux.