Baku, Azerbaijan – The Azerbaijani army, along with the UCAVs against Armenia, which launched an attack against civilians, took control of the Fuzili region by applying the Crescent tactic used by the Turks in the wars.

Counter-attacks launched by Azerbaijan continue after Armenia attacks Azerbaijani civilian settlements. In a statement, Azerbaijan said that clashes continued in the direction of Terter, Agdam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil and Murovdag in the direction of the capture of the High territories occupied by Armenia.

Crescent tactics

In its attacks against Armenia, the Azerbaijani army applied the Crescent tactic that the Ottoman State had practiced for centuries and was successful. Azerbaijan, which attacked Armenia with the help of UCAVs with the support of Turkey, saved the Fuzili region from occupation. Thanks to the tactics applied, the Armenians were neutralized by the UCAVs.