Adana, Turkey – Member of the Scientific Board of the Ministry of Health and head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Balcali Hospital, Çukurova University (ÇU) Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Yeşim Taşova explained the schedule of transmission and illness in the corona virus. Underlining that the incubation period should be considered, Dr. Taşova drew attention to critical days in transmission.

With increasing cases and studies of the corona virus, the schedule of transmission and sickening is also emerging. With the heat in August, especially young people are seen carrying the mask under their chin and elbows, Prof. Dr. Yeşim Taşova pointed out the 48 hours in which the findings of the virus ‘ contagion were not revealed and gave vital warnings.

In the absence of any findings during this period, people have to walk around in, the more the viral load, because most infected persons. Dr. Taşova, the most important reason for wearing a mask is to try to prevent the infection that will pass from these people to others, she stressed.

Watch out between 4-7 days!

Dr. Taşova, after contact with the patient, cough, fever, common novelization, body pains, such as the most contagious period of the first symptoms appear, incubation period. A period of 4 to 7 days. This is as short as 2 days and as long as 14 days. It is 48 hours before these findings are revealed and the first day that the findings are revealed is the period when the contagion is highest,” she said.

Day 8, intensive care table is formed

After the disease develops in the first week of fever, joint and novelties, changes in smell and taste, diarrhea in some of the findings, such as expressed that Dr. Taşova, after the first week more shortness of breath and pneumonia symptoms came to the fore, she said. Early diagnosis when the disease can be better controlled, said Dr. Taşova, no treatment or unknown to go around 8 to 10 days around a heavy table she said.

“The patient can go from hospital admission to acute respiratory distress syndrome and intensive care which requires intensive care for around 8 days.” said Dr. Taşova, who gave the information, added that:
“In fact, within a period of 2 to 3 weeks, this table is not treated and the table will become heavy in this way is progressing. The lighter it is, the easier it is to get through. In cases that are heavy, the more severe it is, the longer it takes for the findings to disappear.”

“ There is no infection in convalescence.”

All infections after the disease called ‘convalescence period’ people, especially the body pain is seen to continue recording Dr. Taşova, this period of transmission is not transferred., said:

“With our current findings, we see that this period continues a little longer. These viral infections are seen as problems especially in people who have some severe flu. This period of convalescence is what we call the transition to recovery. There’s no contagion in this period.

Contagion occurs in the first 48 hours where there are no signs, not yet seen, and then in the first few days when the symptoms appear. After that, the spread of the virus gradually decreases, and with this decrease, the contagion decreases. We know that the person who has had the disease is not contagious in the light of our current information.”

“PCR test can show positive for up to 47 Days”

PCR test shows that some people can stay positive for up to 30 or even 47 days expressed Dr. Taşova said:
“PCR finds part of the nucleus of a micro-organism. So there’s a dead organism here that can detect it. Studies were also carried out by Prof. Dr. Kenan Midilli. It was at this point that it was not contagious”.

If the virus mutates or the immune system is not sufficient, it can be infected with the same virus again. Dr. Yeşim Taşova said, ” but we know that there is an antibody against it, which the vaccine works very well. In South Korea, for example, 160 people are positive a second time, they are negative, they are going into recovery period, but then they are positive again. Whether these people are contagious or not is a picture that we can see in time,” she said. (DHA )