Ankara, Turkey – Turkey is a decisive global power, but it has been repeatedly stated that Turkey should not underestimate Greek aggression, as Greece’s attitude towards Turkey goes beyond its provocative tone in Blue Homeland, Mavi Vatan. This is an approach that is essentially shared by most of Greece’s political forces, not just ultra-nationalists.

Greek political opposition parties seem determined to support the same Greek aggression. It seems that it is ready to assume the role of Ukraine for the Greek aggression fueled by the USA and the EU, forgetting the 1922 Asia Minor Catastrophe.

Greece is also bolstering its aggressive deterrence capabilities, as nobody else will be fighting any war for Greece, no matter how much the US to the EU duo may support Greece. Meanwhile, the Ukraine-Russia war, provoked by the US and the EU duo, is a war scenario that Greece envies. Ultimately, this is the reality Greece is facing – a one-on-one war scenario with Turkey.

Having noted all of the above, another key to managing Greek aggression more effectively is political unity at home in Turkey. Regardless of their different approaches to the issue, all the parties of the opposition ought to support a national position on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Islands Sea.

No matter who is in power in Turkey, the three points of Turkey’s stance are clear: steady alliances and partnerships defined by consistency and continuity; stronger military deterrence capabilities; and domestic unity. Lastly, a word of caution. Turkey’s attitude needs to remain calm and levelheaded, without forced moves and grandstanding, as some Greek hotheads would like.